Copy of Lepin's Lego Resistance X-Wing Fighter

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Copy of Lepin's Lego Resistance X-Wing Fighter
A review of the Lepin constructor, which is a copy of the original Lego kit.
In short - the quality is good, you can take it.
A little bit of a dodging “historical background”: This constructor, to some extent, reproduces the initial scene from the seventh episode of Star Warriors: the attack of the First Order on a village on the planet Jakku, in which Lor San Tekka lives just at the moment when Po Dameron visits him.

The set contains a flame-trapped dehumidifier (something like the one for which Uncle Owen bought C3-PO), Lor San Tekka, a flamethrower of the First Order, Po Dameron and the legendary X-Wing itself.
To be precise, this is the slightly less legendary T-70 from the seventh episode, which is a development of the T-65 from the classic trilogy. The main difference is in the form of engines.

Delivery: I ordered on the eve of the Chinese holidays, so I had to wait almost two weeks for departure. Delivery to Kiev itself took about 20 days. Service - e-packet.
Packing: The designer is packed in 6-7 packages, wrapped with instructions, and on top with a little bubble. Even the largest parts are unlikely to break with such packaging.
Parts are sorted by packages by size. Although, for example, one “brush” from the minifigure was in a package with large parts, and all other parts of the minifigures were in a separate package.
Completeness: All parts are included with the exception of one silicone ring. There should be two of them in the kit, they pull the wings together. I just replaced them with office rubber bands, the appearance was not particularly affected.
Nevertheless, I wrote about this to the seller and she promised to send the missing ring.
The quality of the parts themselves is simply excellent. For comparison, the original Lego part and a similar part from Lepin. The color and material of the plastic are identical. You can distinguish only by small inscriptions on the original part. During the assembly process, there were no connection problems.
Comparison of similar Lego and Lepin parts

Prints on good quality minifigures.

As in the original, Po Dameron and Lor San Tekka have an alternative face on the back.

An exception is the face of a flamethrower attack aircraft. For comparison, the face of the pilot from the original Lego set. But it is the attack aircraft that canonically should be in the helmet, so that the face is always hidden.
Lego and Lepin attack plane face print comparisons

The set has several stickers, all of them are of good quality with matching colors.
Sticker Parts

But still there were some shoals: the cab lid did not want to close completely. Judging by the photos on the product page and reviews on YouTube - this is the problem of all instances of this constructor (there is no problem in the original set). However, the problem is solved by "finalizing the file", and in my case, a nail file. You need to remove a little plastic at the base of the lid mount. Appearance at the same time does not suffer at all.
Another drawback: the visor of the pilot's helmet is opaque in contrast to the original.

The model has several game features. First of all, this, of course, the unfolding of the wings. This happens when scrolling a cross-shaped part from above. The mechanism works flawlessly. It is worth noting that you need some kind of stand with wings spread out.
Another feature is lasers. There are only six of them: four spring-loaded on the wings, firing long parts and two small along the body, firing small round parts. Surprisingly work well. The springs shoot somewhere about half a meter, and those that are small - about twenty centimeters.
From the back you can take out the "hyperdrive", andthe front leg lifts in case you want to “fly”. In addition, the dehumidifier has a horizontal position, which should symbolize that it is broken and burning.
Some functions

The instruction is executed qualitatively, all colors correspond. In general, it copies the original exactly, but combines more steps on each page. This does not cause any problems.

Starship dimensions: 38 cm length and 33 cm wingspan.
Some more photos under the cut

In general, I was very pleased with the designer. There are practically no shortcomings, and the existing ones are either uncritical or easily fixed.
Already ordered Millennium Falcon from Lepin.
The designer approved the cat.
Quality control