Thief cat. Another piggy bank.

Good day to all! Today on the review piggy bank cat thief. who are not interested - scroll further, and who are interested - read ...
The piggy bank came in a small square color and a very rumpled box. With inscriptions in English and Arabic! On the side of the box is a visual instruction for use.

Inside the piggy bank itself and another instruction, but alreadywithout arabic. But on the instructions for some reason a panda is drawn, not a cat. The fact is that there are the same piggy banks with a panda and apparently the Chinese have decided to save a little on waste paper.

The box itself is made of plastic. On the sides are incomprehensible inscriptions.

On the bottom of the box is a battery connector, a coin compartment and a switch.

We put the switch in position "ON". The piggy bank is activated. Then everything is simple - we put a coin on a white button and the cat takes it to himself. We put it again and he again takes it to himself. And so on until the piggy bank is complete. Greedy thief.

To take the money, you need to open the round lid at the bottom of the box.
Piggy bank is very easy to understand. Turn over and unscrew 4 bolts.

First remove the cover

And then we get all the insides. They are pulled out easily.


There is no marking on the drive

This is the brain of a cat

And some more photos

Too lazy to read - watch the video!
That’s all for me. Thank you all who read to the end!