Leather Wallet Organizer Floveme

Today's review will be devoted to a phone case, which is both a phone case and a wallet
In any case, that’s how it is.positioned by the seller. I would call it a smaller version of the man purse, so popular in our area in the recent past ... Its purchase is due to the need for several weeks a year to have something compact with you, which could fit money, a wallet, a room key and other trifle that should always to be on hand while walking on vacation. Leatherette goods were not considered initially, since in the heat they are not very comfortable to use, and they often have a specific and not very pleasant smell ...
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On the way, the package spent about a month, which is not soand there’s a lot by today's standards (several parcels were sent to me for 3 months, and one has already gone over 3.5). The seller sent the parcel with a full track, so all the information about its movement along the China-Belarus route can be viewed here.
To simplify the perception, hereinafter thiscase-organizer-wallet-card holder will be called a wallet. So, this wallet is delivered without any factory packaging. My copy came to me in an ordinary plastic bag. At the seller the wallet is sold in three colors: black, brown and red. I chose the second option, since black would look really sad, and red would be very defiant ©. A live wallet is as follows:

The first thing I noticed after extractinga cover from a package - a smell of skin. In the same way a brand new jacket or shoes made of genuine leather smell. On the front side of the wallet you can see a metal insert with the brand name - “Floveme” (I don’t know how popular it is both in our country and in China), as well as two button fasteners. I have no complaints about the quality of manufacturing the wallet: all seams are smooth, the lining is sewn neatly, nothing extra sticks out anywhere, not cut off. The only thing that surprised was the processing of the zippers that cover both large compartments. Instead of wrapping and hemming their ends, as all normal manufacturers do, they subjected them to heat treatment, or, more simply, they burned them with a lighter, or maybe even matches

On the back of the wallet there is an adjustableharness on hand. The adjustment ranges make it convenient to use as a girl with a small handle, and a tall man. It is this detail that makes (for me) this wallet look like a purse.

As you can see, the wallet is made of one whole piece of leather, there are no seams or inserts anywhere, which cannot but rejoice. The skin is soft with a good finish, the wallet is nice to pick up.
The wallet space is divided into two mainlarge compartments (closing with the same “zipper”), and the truck has many pockets for plastic cards / business cards. Metal zippers with brand name embossed on them. “Dogs” move smoothly, without jerking or jamming.

Inside each of the large compartments at the time of receipt there was a piece of dense foam rubber (to maintain the shape of the wallet).

The inside of the wallet is as follows:

As I said, there are a lot of departments forcards / business cards, as well as two large pockets. There is no compartment for storing coins. But in most countries there are metal coins (even here in Belarus). Here you can see the brand name and official website of the manufacturer. Pressing looks quite high-quality, the inscription does not rush into the eyes, does not cause irritation.

The dimensions of an empty wallet are approximately 17 * 10 * 2centimeter, so that it can fit in a handbag or backpack without any problems. Putting it in your pocket will be quite problematic, but it is clearly not intended for such use.
And here is a wallet filled with cards and paper money:

The seller’s description indicates that it’s suitable forstoring phones with a diagonal of 5.5 inches. Unfortunately, all phones in my family are 5 inch. And they are easily placed in the main (large) departments. And even from the case there is no need to get it.

In conclusion, a few words about the material. I am sure that the wallet is made of genuine leather. Why? - you ask. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, the smell of the skin is difficult to confuse with something else, and the wallet smells like leather. Secondly, tactile skin is different from leatherette, it is soft and elastic. The wallet is just like that. Thirdly, for greater reliability, I tested it with fire and water. I tried to warm it a little with a lighter - no changes occurred. As for the water - it is perfectly absorbed. Here is a fresh drop of water:

Here it is after 2-3 minutes (it is clear that the area under the drops darkened):

And so he looked after 10 minutes:

As much as the manufacturers would not like, even over-quality leatherette is not able to absorb water. And this means that we have real skin.
To summarize everything that was written here, I cansay that this cover fully met all my expectations. It is made of high quality, roomy, made of natural material. It will work well in cases where you need to take a lot of small items with you, and there is no desire or opportunity to carry a full bag or backpack. And the price of $ 15 for a genuine leather product is not that big. So I was satisfied with the purchase at 100%.
That’s probably all. Thank you for your attention and your time.