Leather briefcase “Bison Denim”

Hello to all!
I recently ordered a portfolio of Bison Denim to a friend, and I’ll talk about it today (about the portfolio, of course = D).
The bag came in a box, was wrapped incloth duster and branded plastic bag. In addition, there was a letter of gratitude for the purchase and recommendations for the care of the product and a decorative lace. Judging by the reviews, the seller puts all sorts of trinkets in the package - badges, pens, bracelets. Someone even reduces the rating in the review if they have not received a “gift” (what else is needed for happiness?)

Appearance of the bag
The portfolio is made of fairly dense leather, shapeholds well. By the way, when exposed to fire - it doesn’t burn, it smells of singed hair, however, it does not let water through. Usually, one of the lower layers of the skin (obtained by cutting the skin), coated with a polymer film, behaves this way. For some, this is already “not skin”, someone considers it a plus, since the skin is still genuine, but the price is less and it will not get wet in the rain, unlike the skin of the upper layer. The bag has no chemical smell.

Inside there are 5 compartments, plus a tab for a netbook and several small internal pockets. Lining is very dense, stitched:

Bag sizes.
A4 documents are free.
Also suitable for a netbook or laptop 14 ". Laptop 15.6" will not enter:

Accessories are metal, solid, with a logo. (On some photos it gives a little yellowness, but in fact - silver).
The shoulder strap is quite wide, fixed, adjustable, also with a logo.

So the briefcase looks in a sock:

The portfolio arrived via SPSR courier 11 days after placing the order, which, by the way, was sent the next day after payment. They called, clarified a convenient time, brought to work.
The price of goods, on average, ranges from 4500r to 5200r. The lowest price observed 4100r.
The goods are on the top five with a minus: I would like more slots for office supplies (notebooks, pens, business cards). But in general, the bag is made efficiently and accurately.
Judging by the reviews, SPSRschikov had some kind of delivery interruptions in the New Year’s Eve, especially in big cities, but this seems to be a regularity.
A video review was also shot on the bag:

Thanks for attention!