Twist the pedals until you give! Keychain skeleton cyclist.

Hello. I have many friends who like to ride a bicycle, so in everyday life, many people buy goods for cycling. For example, key chains, earrings and other things. I decided to buy a skeleton cyclist keychain for a penny and today I will tell you about it.
The seller on aliexpress gave the track numbercarrier Yanwen. It is worth giving credit that 17 days have passed from payment to receipt by mail. The key chains were soundly wrapped in plastic wrap, I ordered 2pcs. Keychain size 54 * 60mm. The keychain is packed in a transparent bag.

The color is gray-white with specks of black. Made of rubber. There is no nasty acrid smell; it smells like ordinary rubber. Holding a cigar in his hand. Workmanship is good, nothing falls off. Can I advise this keychain to purchase? Definitely yes. It’s worth a penny, it looks funny. I think as a small presentation is suitable.

Video review. Thank you for your attention, good luck to everyone.