Sexy Mousse Lace Underwear Set.

Hello. Today I would like to tell you about the black lace underwear set bought for my girlfriend. Impressive, please do not enter.
Sometimes, having to visit shops, including underwear, I look at price tags for fun and am horrified: How can these two pieces of fabric cost SO MUCH ...
Knowing the greed of our retail, especially for goods such as clothing, it was decided to monitor Ali to purchase beautiful underwear at a reasonable price. Type goods for 1-2 dollars were not considered.
Of all the variety of goods, the eye fell on a set under the Sexy Mousse brand. They bribed reviews in which most wrote that the linen is chic and looks like in the photo.
I don’t know how the name translates - either a sexy mousse or a sexy mouse ... I don’t know ... It doesn’t matter.
The purchase cost me $ 11.46, got to me 23 days HK Post.

Inside, in addition to, in fact, the linen itself, there was a gift from the seller - an elastic band for hair. And such a good quality. Nicely.

And also, as usual, a card with prayers for five stars.

The linen itself is packed in a plastic bag with ZIPlock’s on which the brand and address of the store are printed on Ali))) As well as a warning that the package should be protected from children. I wonder if it meant an empty package or a package with contents?

So, open it and see this:
Let's first take a closer look at TOP.
It is completely covered with lace, which is very soft and pleasant to the touch.
Lace covers cups and shoulder straps completely.

On the back, the bodice looks like this:
Cups made of 100% cotton. The seam is tender and soft. There is no PUSHAP - the foam rubber is only 3-4 mm thick.
Here is a photo of the label with a description of the composition and size:

Inside the strap there is a flesh-colored mesh:

It looks good on the outside:

Between the cups there is a small shiny pendant with shiny glass (I don’t know what to call it “scientifically”):

Now let's move on to the bottom. The panties are trimmed with a wide lace strip on top, which gives way to the back of the net.

Panties, of course, are more provocative from a different angle. Look at the transparent back view)
It’s direct transparent. Yes Yes.
Here is a photo of the label, you can read the size, composition (note that gusset from 100% cotton) and care features:
Photo of a set with a tape measure. To estimate the size:

The kit was bought on a figure 80-69-90. Russian bodice size 70V, usually S panties. The whole village is perfect.
Photo on the figure.
For ethical reasons, I post only the photo of the bodice.

Conclusions: I really liked the kit, it was made with high quality, I sat perfectly on the figure and it looks just super. Everyone is happy