Lace ballet flats for the summer

Good day!
I never ordered shoes in an online store. Yes, the wife asked for "spanks" for the summer. I chose the middle ones in price to check the conformity of size and evaluate the quality of Chinese shoes.
In general, ballet shoes are like ballet shoes. Under the cut photo. Who cares, click "Read more."
There is no photo of the package. The packaging has not been preserved. The seller gave a working track. The parcel was getting, as usual with a dog sled. Yes, yes, in the summer on a sleigh. Otherwise, the delivery time of 34 days can not be explained. The ballet flats were packed in parcels.
The wife’s leg is large. Russian size 39, foot length 25.5 cm. I ordered an American 9. Size fit. The dimensional grid on the product page is consistent.
They look good. Orange color. The material on top is rag, openwork, the base is nylon mesh. The material lets air in, the foot breathes. Around the edge of the leatherette. There is a specific smell of Chinese shoes.

The sole is soft, elastic, non-slippery, similar to rubber or rubber

Bends easily

Short toe


Company Name and Size

The insole is soft, porous

Velvet rag material on the back

Side view

Virtually no heel


Photos on the legs

Conclusions and impressions
There are no complaints regarding the quality of manufacturing. Everything is glued and stitched neatly, the glue does not come out anywhere, the threads do not stick out. The seams are even. The insole is soft. The sole is flexible.
Of the shortcomings, a short toe, fingers are visible. But again, do not forget the size of the spouse's legs. On miniature legs and a smaller size, they should look better.
In accordance with the price-quality ratio I will not say, since this is the first shoes with Ali. But with us for this money offline you can buy unless home slippers or rubber slates.
It’s too early to draw conclusions. How much "depart" time will tell. But I think the season will last without problems.