Harry Potter World Pendants

Several pendants on the theme are potted: with the coat of arms of Hogwarts, with the coat of arms of Slytherin, the pendant "Deathly Hallows."
Another portion of the universe trinketsHarry Potter I will repeat a little for those who did not come across my previous reviews that this attribute was acquired to prepare a surprise quest for my beloved. And in particular, the pendants, which will be discussed, marked the completed stages of the quest.
None of the pendants had any special packaging; they came in small transparent bags.
1. Pendant with the emblem of Hogwarts.
A bronze-colored metal pendant measuring 4x3 cm. A strap came with the pendant.

Neat, very embossed, the picture is clear.
The main coat of arms of Hogwarts is depicted in the form of a shield, which includes the symbols of all four faculties. Flash photo.

Under the shield on the ribbon is the Hogwarts motto “Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus”, which in Latin means “Never tickle a sleeping dragon.”

I liked this pendant the most, and perhaps I will even wear it someday.
2 Colored pendant with the emblem of Hogwarts.
The size is slightly smaller than the previous pendant, there is no ribbon with the motto and the surrounding ornament. In addition to this pendant is a chain.

The colors are bright, the picture is clear, but overall it’s a very childish trinket. And I still didn’t really like that there is a lot of color filling, parts of animal symbols are simply recessed in it.

On the reverse side of this pendant there is a voluminous inscription “Harry Potter”.
3. Pendant with the emblem of the faculty Slytherin.
Similar to the first pendant, purchased from the same link.

Unfortunately, this item only causednegative emotions. First, a clear marriage on the left side is a blurry, flat relief. Secondly, in the inscription “SLYTHERIN” the lower part of the letter L is not printed, because of which it looks like “SI.YTHERIN”. Either the spoiled mold, or it was not luck to me.
four. Deathly Hallows Pendant.
This pendant is a symbol of the three Deathly Hallows: triangle - invisibility cloak; circle - a stone that grants immortality (or a ring with this stone); the vertical line is the world's most powerful magic wand. These gifts were asked by Death herself for three brothers who allegedly managed to deceive her.

The element in the middle rotates around its axis. There are also options for a similar suspension without moving elements. But in the pendant depicted in the film, this part also seemed to rotate.

In principle, all the pendants are cute, "for everybody." And we can also note that everyone has a fairly short chain / strap.
Pendant fitting