Self Defense Brass Handle

Yes, that’s what the name of this pen says.
Another gift parcel from 11.11. Of course, this is not the plastic handle of Xiaomi Mijia, and not so expensive, but still ... Here the brass was so advertised in the comments that I decided - why not? They give pens with notebooks. But how many give brass pens?
I came in a bag, and in a little case. Included rod.

Case made of genuine natural quality Chinese velvet.

The core of the eminent brand is ordinary gel. Packaged. If you look closely, something is red at the end of the tube.

As I guessed, this is a gag. Therefore, the core slightly flowed. This is how it should be:

The difference between this rod and the usual:

The handle itself, in fact, polished brassa tube. Pretty weighty. According to the seller, 50 grams. The quality of polishing, if you do not look under the magnifying glass, but use it like an ordinary pen, is very good.

The end face of the cap is solid and flat, the end face of the handle itself - with a through hole. To know - why?

It consists of three fragments - a pen, a cap and hmm ... let's say - the rod holder. Both the cap and the handle body are held on the thread of the rod holder.

You can immediately notice how incredibly fast she collects fingerprints. A matte version is also sold, which, for sure, is devoid of this drawback. As, however, and glamorous shine.
The handle body is not fully drilled. This can be understood by the length over which the hexagon interferes. There remains a whole centimeter.

We collect. The rod fits very tightly into the holder. Very tight. But included.
It looks pretty. Although I kind of adjusted the white balance and the color conveyed correctly, but still it looks better live. The color is under such a light yellowish gold. Champagne beer color, or something.

According to the results.
A pen is like a pen. It will be pleasant for her to write to any severe peasant, a kind of pleasant burden. The female half found her too heavy.
It definitely has a gift look, only it needs to be packaged accordingly, since Chinese velvet sets off too much with its perfection and looks just mocking.
Of the minuses - fingerprints. And, as I said - packaging. Much more Chinese handles come in more decent gift wraps.
Rest brass

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