Lightweight nylon handbag that you liked.

If the stars are lit, it means someone needs it
At some point in time, I suddenly realized that life became unbearable without having a small handbag in the house. Inspired by a famous clip and deciding to get by, in order to save, nylon, andnot genuine leather (in stores we have leather handbags of a similar size you can buy for 4000-5000 r), indicating the upper limit of their dreams in 1 tr. I started to search for the best option on aliexpress. This process did not drag on in time and after 3 minutes, a worthy candidate was found and ordered.
Lots of photos, not enough text.
I do not like to write reviews on household items(consumer goods), all the more cheap and not particularly remarkable. Therefore, I will be extremely brief in the description of the advantages and disadvantages of the purchase. Here is such a photo review.
The bag was delivered in 25 days. There are no complaints about the quality of the product, in my opinion the price is fully consistent with the product. There were no tags in the kit. There is practically no smell. The seller offers different color options. I liked this color, but it should be noted that it is very easily soiled. There are many pockets, sufficient internal volume. Easy. The zippers are great. Everything else can be seen in the photographs.

The thing was bought for himself and for his own. I liked the bag, I’ll also buy it in black or blue.
All a great mood and good shopping.
Best wishes to all readers from NN.