Floral summer dress

I decided to write a review on a wonderful dress. I looked at it a long time ago and finally forked it out))
Ordered in early May, came a month later.
The seller is very friendly, sent a long letter and a keychain)
Dress, as expected (judging by the reviews),excellent quality. Although synthetic, but very pleasant to the touch, very soft, I want to constantly touch and touch) On the body is almost imperceptible. Thin, but does not shine through. If only under it is very contrasting linen.
Another advantage is that it does not crease. It can be folded on a shelf, and then put on immediately. Ironing is not necessary, everything will straighten out on the body)
For a long time I could not choose a color, I stopped at army green.
Flowers fly away !!!)
The seams are done carefully

Size chose m, because she was afraid that s would be too short.
But I do not think that they differ greatly. (I chose the parameters 87/62/92, height 161.)
The dress seemed like a T-shirt. But due to the fact that it stretches well and does not slip over the body, it can be reached to the knee. True, it still lifts up while walking. It is dangerous in general)

The washing was excellent, dried quickly.
on me

Conclusion: I do not regret at all that I ordered it. The summer coloring and material conquered me). I did not find any flaws. If only that it emphasizes the flaws of the figure. And this is no longer the Chinese wine)