Summer men's denim shorts

Comrade chose jeans shorts on Ali. After receiving the parcel, I proposed to do a review. Suggested - do it.
Shorts were bought for $ 12.5, now the seller has a price of $ 24.99, which I think is overpriced. But let's talk about the subject itself. The parcel reached the blue-eyed in 30 days, this is our standard. With packaging, the seller did not bother much: the usual yellow postal packet.
Outwardly, they look pretty good. The fabric is thin jeans and is great for summer. But here is the question of longevity.

On both sides, ordinary pockets without any design idea. On the one hand there is a small pocket for a lighter.

Width with a zipper. On the button is the inscription Levi’s. The seams are smooth and neat.

There are cuts on the legs, they are not stitched around the edges.

There are also regular pockets on the back without any frills.

It's time to turn out the pockets, that is, inside out the product.

If someone is interested in seams in more detail

Like most Chinese things, these shorts are small, so you need to navigate the seller’s dimensional grid. Specifically, these have a size of 32 and I did not fit into them.
Let's see how they look from the side.

Everyone can make an independent conclusion about the quality of the product and design. But the only thing I will say is that for $ 25 I would not buy these shorts. I think $ 12.5 to them is a red price.