Hello! For everyday wear in the summer, I ordered a jumpsuit. If interested, please, under cat.

The goods were delivered to Ukraine in three weeks.
Size, color and fabric

The overalls are blue in color, with buttons, with sleeves, the length of which can be adjusted.

Stoichka collar, overalls fabric - poplin in a small rib, ironed perfectly.

Ties are inserted at the waist as a belt and a small zipper is sewn, in working condition.
On the front side, there are two pockets on the sides. Size ordered S, other sizes available from seller. Inside there is only one label indicating the size.

The lines are straight, but there were a lot of small threads, both outside and inside.

The overalls in the toe are comfortable and convenient, do not constrain movements, sits perfectly in the shoulders. As for me, a good option for evening walks. Thanks for attention)