Mr.Z Summer Cow Leather Bag

Hello! I didn’t find a review of this bag, so I decided to write about it myself) I’m very pleased with the bag. I bought it two years ago, I use it mostly in the summer: throw my mobile, wallet, keys and every little thing. At the request of Muscovites, so as not to mislead I will write: material obviously not real leather. But the quality of the bag is very good. For more details, please
I bought size S in black, sizes 26 * 21.5. The bag was packed in a company bag with the inscription Mr.Z. Unfortunately, he did not survive. The bag was not wrinkled anywhere, it was well packed, inside it was stuffed abundantly stuffed with paper.
Actually the bag itself:

Reverse side with zipped compartment.

The bag is made very high quality, nothing sticks out anywhere, all the seams are made exactly, both outside and inside. The stitching and carabiners of the bag are shown in the photo

On the harness we see the inscriptions Mr.Z

Inside we have two small pockets.I usually put the phone in one, the keys in another. Another one pocket with a zipper, I usually put a USB flash drive, an otg adapter, etc. Well, in the main compartment, a wallet, headphones and everything you want.

There is also one smaller and narrower compartment. There are all kinds of pieces of paper and something to put something into it.

On the perimeter of the bag we see a zipper. By the way, all zippers work without problems, including this one.
This zipper is used to increase the volume of the bag, if you suddenly need to put something more than just small items.

On the side, the bag becomes like a crocodile.

And from this perspective, she recalled a toad from the Zuma game, which shoots with colorful balls from the mouth.

The language of the bag is mounted on magnets as usual

Magnets hold tight, the bag itself will not open.

And finally, the Usb-man in the bag)

That’s the end of the review, and whoever did it, well done!)