Aliexpress lot for fans and just Miyazaki fans

Hello! Today’s review, as the name implies, is dedicated to fans of the art of animator Hayao Miyazaki, who is significant for many artists.
I’m sure that most of us watched at least a couple of the author’s paintings, and some watched all the cartoons. The subject of today's review may appeal to both.
Despite its small size and symbolic price, it is able to please both adult acquaintances with Miyazaki's creations and children who still have to meet.

In the vastness of aliexpress, I came across this lot andcould not resist: touching scene from the cartoon my neighbor Totoro. Three figures: Stop sign, little girl May and Totoro. Made of PVC, and high quality painted. In general, especially among deletants like me, it may seem that the figures are still ceramic. However, the crash test conducted by my daughter showed that they are plastic.

It is not worth worrying about safety during delivery, since each figure is wrapped in a separate “little bubble”.
The set price is about 3 dollars.
There is an option to purchase separately Totoro. it cost me $ 2 apiece. Moreover, its quality is even higher, the drawing is more detailed and the proportions are much more correct. The one that is sold separately on the right
Among other things, I purchased the witch figure of Yubaba from an Oscar-winning picture: Spirited Away! It is very small, however, very detailed, especially considering the price.

Of course, these figures are not of perfect quality, butand not far from him. Summing up, we can say that they look definitely more expensive than their price. And they give a lot of positive things to both beginners and experienced Miyazaki fans.

And here is a video with them:
P.S. The goods were bought for their money
Thanks for attention.