Magnetic shoelaces.

What good is Probably the fact that each of the regulars of this cozy corner of Runet sooner or later pulled something unusual from abroad, something that surprised him. It doesn’t matter what it was: an expensive thing or a penniless, it is important that this site gives everyone the opportunity to find what he is looking for and even find what he does not expect to find at all.
Today we will talk about my childhood dream, whichIt was not feasible in my childhood, since at that time there was nothing like this, but I assure you - I have dreamed about it since the time of the kindergarten. intrigued?
Like any person on our planet, I havethere are weaknesses and one of them is laziness. Alas, I struggle with her with varying success, but from time to time she has to concede. During this endless battle, Her Majesty Laziness acquired a microwave, washing machine, TV remote control and the number of her favorite pizzeria.
It immediately became clear that sooner or later, but ourChinese friends will copy the project and let it go to the masses. Therefore, I periodically monitored Aliexpress on this subject and it happened - I found it, ordered it, and even managed to try it out.
A few words about the seller: I do not advise ordering from him since he is a racial man ... th - managed to “send” the order, give an inoperative track, then 20 days later, when I knocked on him with a question WHERE? He apologized for a long time and sent it again, but the impression was that he managed to simply forget about my order. The second attempt to send was successful and the parcel reached me in 9 days. In general, to order from him or not - decide for yourself.
Go to the pics general view of the box with "laces"

We open the box:

Inside we find simple instructions in Chinese and English:

I do not show the installation process in sneakers, since it, in principle, is not difficult, we will proceed immediately to the result:

A short video of the process of "unlining":

In general, a very interesting thing that has the right to life. I hope it will be durable and simplify the lacing process
Thank you all for your attention. With any questions, please comment.
Without breaking traditions

P.S. Small additions on comments:
1. I did not pay attention to the current price of the sold - I took for $ 5
2. “Holds” perfectly with a very decent effort.