A small review of the Small Helicopter (3 months of operation and death for an unknown reason)

Hello dear Muscovites!
Today's review will be devoted to a device that can easily transport any person to childhood!
I present for your review - a toy helicopter from the company SYMA.
The review hero was bought from another seller, but he no longer sells it. Therefore, the review provides a link to a similar seller.
I ask for all the details under cat)
The parcel reached my mail standardly, about 30 days, the helicopter was packed in a cardboard box. The box was Wrapped with a little bubble and tape.

The package was the most common for such helicopters:
1. USB charger
2. The helicopter itself
3. Use manual
4. Battery
5. Screwdriver
6. Set of spare parts (blades)
7. Remote control

The case as seen in the photo is removed so that you can get the battery.
The instructions also, there is nothing new) Standard operating rules and assistance in setting up a helicopter

Photo of the helicopter from different sides:

The last photo shows that the helicopter has 2 lights:
1. white - something like a flashlight) It is convenient to use it at night to determine where the helicopter is
2. red - when you turn on the power and search for the remote control, it blinks, after finding the remote control, it just lights up in red.
The control panel has an unremarkable appearance:

The buttons marked in yellow do not work.
Batteries are not included - you need to buy 4 AA batteries (finger) for the control panel.

A full charge of the helicopter was enough for me for about 20 minutes. The device is charged in two ways:
1. From a USB computer
2. From USB to the control panel, which is very convenient if you are outdoors.
I think that many were interested in the review by name - “3 months of operation and death for an unknown reason”
The death of the device occurred after severalfailed landings from high altitude. At first, the device began to take off not directly, but at an angle, which made it constantly spin. Although as seen in the photo, there is no damage in the details. And after all, he stopped responding to any commands from the control panel. So now he took his place on the shelf))
In principle, the helicopter is very pleased. With pleasure I would continue to use it. As a gift, he is not very bad. I advise everyone.
The advantages include ease of management (even a four-year-old child could handle it) and backlight
By cons, I can include an unpleasant breakdown (although this is my fault) as well, the fact that it is made almost all of plastic.
Well, according to tradition: