Trivia for manicure, multi-review

The order was made from one seller.
Have been ordered:
-cuticle oil
-degreaser for nails
-brushes for nail design
-buff for polishing nails
finger or toe separators
Details under the cut.
Honestly, there have never been these items in my cosmetic bag. But someday I have to start)
Therefore, I will talk about the means and tools for manicure to the best of my knowledge. If something is corrected.
Basically the whole order was done for the sake of cuticle oils.The lot consisted of three bottles and cost 2.92 cu
After reading reviews about them on the Internet, I decidedpamper your nails. Although, in principle, I do not understand the special difference between it and ordinary, for example, olive oil. But if there is a special. means, why not use them)
Everything arrived somewhere in 1.5 months. The track was not tracked.

Oil came with different flavors:
Of all I liked it more with a peach - it has a delicious caramel smell. The remaining two reminded Grandma's perfume)
But since this is not their main purpose, I still liked it. They soften the skin around the nails well, okay)
It’s convenient to use them. You need to twist the cap at the top, and a droplet forms on the brush below. And then with this oiled brush we lubricate our cuticles.

What is written on the packaging

Degreaser for nails, 2.40 cu
Seller Information
UV Builder Nail Art Remover Excess Acrylic Cleansing Gel Plus
Model: TOOL - BB - 008
1,100% Brand New
2 1 bottle x UV Gel Cleanser Plus
3 Volume: 2 fl.oz.
4 Use to remove excess gel
5 Enhancing shinning effect after UV curing of nails with gel. Contains antifungal and antibacterial disinfectants.
6 The best detergent for cleaning all types of gel, tools or brushes
7 Professional Nail Art Manicure ToolSuitable for professional, nail salon, nail art school / college, nail art artist and personal / home use, wholesale, etc.

No more inscriptions on the bottle.
Actually, I was thinking.I order liquid for removing gel polish. But having tried it in practice, it turned out that it was suitable only for degreasing the nail before applying gel polish, removing the sticky layer from the hardened coating and disinfecting. This is not bad either.
Although alcohol and acetone are included, it can’t cope with the removal of gel polish. Even after holding the nails for half an hour using the technology in soaked sponges and foil, the result was approximately the same
This photo is not mine
I guess I wanted too much from him)
The liquid itself is transparent, has a pleasant smell without a hint of acetone.
Rhinestones, 0.86 c.u.
Rhinestones came in a box with a diameter of 6.5 cm.

To represent the size
Nothing crumbled on the road due to the tightness of the box.
All rhinestones are divided into "compartments" into 12 colors.
Diameter of rhinestone 1.5 mm
These are ordinary non-adhesive rhinestones.
With the help of them you can make such a manicure.
The photo is not mine, I just liked it)
I was pleased with the box. I liked the fact that it is enough to scroll the "window" to the rhinestone of the desired color, and you can get only those rhinestones that you need. You do not need to open the whole box. Here the "window" is closed
Nail Art Brushes, 2.06 y.e

7 pieces included.
Purpose of brushes:
2 conventional - for applying varnish, gel

Three thin different sizes - for painting, drawings

"Fan" for gradient manicure, patterning.
Ball - for drawing points, drops, blots, etc.
The bristles have artificial nap, hairs are knocked out to the sides a little. The handle itself is made of wood, painted with white paint.
This can be seen here.
This brush fell apart as soon as I got it out of the package.
When used as intended, they showed themselves poorly. Brushes with a sharp end and a “fan” are soft.
In general, the subject is not very good. It’s better to pay more and buy better ones. Although, they’ll suit me first.
Buff, 0.76 y.e

This buff is based on polyethylene foam. It has 4 countertops
About the rules for using buffs

1. To remove bumps, bumps on the nail plate. It has the most rigid structure.

2. To smooth the nail plate, giving it smoothness. Less rigid structure.
3. To treat the free edge of the nail. It appeared generally soft.
4.To brighten the nail plate. The softest surface.
This is all good. But I got the feeling that they didn’t work at all. The toughest surface is that it doesn’t cut nails at all, but leaves some sparkles on them.
In general, I also do not advise.
Separators for fingers or toes0.68 y.e
2 pieces came.
Too soft, bend in all directions. Perhaps this is a plus: they do not put pressure on the fingers, they are comfortable to walk until the varnish dries. Fingers do not touch each other.
Length 10 mm.
They cope with their task.
Summing up, we can say that oil, rhinestones and dividers are good. The rest is of dubious quality.
I hope you find this information useful.
Good luck to all!