Mini keyboard with touchpad and number keys.

The keyboard itself does not seem to be anything special, well, they pulled out the numbers in a separate block.
But she has the opportunity to work out pressing Ctr + Shift + End. If you know this combination, then please, under cut ...
One very famous, in narrow circles, South Korean company produces such a device

No matter what, but the native software locks the keyboard, and to unlock it, the combination Ctr + Shift + End is required.
This type of keyboard

The End button works as an extra, through Fn, and the ill-fated combination of Ctr + Shift + End did not work.
For a long time, such a keyboard served me faithfully
(Fn works in trigger mode here), but the time and my handling of it made her eyelid not very long, and the absence of Esc made moving through the BIOS akin to masochism.
And then an almost perfect device appeared (morewould be cyrillic). Everything that I missed works here. And Esc and Ctr + Shift + End, there is even a pocket for the transmitter. I will not say about the battery and range, all this is sufficient, so as not to pay attention.