Men's bag. In search of excellence.

At some point, there was a need forreplacing an existing bag with a more spacious and convenient to use. The main criteria for the search were: the obligatory execution format “Bag over the shoulder”, to have an inside pocket with a zipper for valuables, to be spacious enough to fit a lunch, and perhaps most importantly - so that, if necessary, I could quickly and easily get access to any an object in a bag, for example, to a train in the metro (with old bags, this trick could not be completed, due to the small size everything was packed quite tightly, and I had to suffer a little). Under the action 11.11, the item was successfully found and ordered, the price was US $ 34.04, it has the tendency to change, though not as often as we would like.

From the moment of ordering the goods to receiving the parcel, 28 days have passed.
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About the material the bag is made of can be read below.
What is a canvas?

It was packed simply, without troubles, but this was quite enough so that the goods would not be damaged during transportation.

I want to note an important detail - for saleproducts without decals, this is a plus for me, I do not need a tag with hieroglyphs. They are supposedly sculpted for wholesalers by prior arrangement, so I won’t be surprised if I find this bag with a company label at the appropriate price somewhere in our country.

The bag is made of high quality, reliable accessories. I used the previous bag of this manufacturer for a year, it still has a presentation, there were no complaints during the use (it’s just small, so I have to change it).

The dimensions of this miracle are presented in the picture below.(I want to note that this seller has a decent number of photos of the goods sold, including sizes, for all positions, you can also safely ask questions to the seller. When I bought the previous bag, I wondered if my ipad mini would fit into the side pocket, it turned out that there wasn’t but I could already find it at home).

Let's talk about pockets, and their sizes. There are five of them, three external and two internal, one internal (presumably for netbooks) is closed with elastic with Velcro, and the rest with zippers.
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You will find more photos under the spoiler (the photos are not mine, I borrowed from the description, they turned out to be very high quality, for my part - I can confirm that everything is 100% consistent).

Conclusions: The price bites, I agree, but I pay that kind of money with the hope that the bag will last a long time (it happened with the previous one).
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P.S. This item was bought for personal use, the store did not provide any discounts.
P.P.S. No living creatures at home