Men's polo, high-quality copy of Tommy Hilfiger

In principle, I did not plan to upload to the sitea review of men's polo, which I bought on Aliexpress from the seller Leprekon, but at the request of my previous obrazoozhensky cardigan, I still share my impressions =)
As I said, I ordered only three positions (of which two are my favorite). In general, the spouse does not particularly like things that cannot beranked as a sports style (he, of course, has them, but exclusively for suitable occasions), but he liked the polo, and the ease in communicating with the seller played a role =) The only moment that dissuaded from buying is a rather athletic figure of the husband ( broad shoulders and a narrow torso): no matter how many t-shirts they bought remotely, they all hung at the waist and often pulled around the armpits. But I decided to take a chance, and at the same time I dumped the choice of size again on the seller: he promised to choose the size - what came of it read below
The polo met all expectations (first of all, thanks to Andrey for the correctly and correctly selected size).

We now turn to viewing the quality and detail of the polo:
It arrived in a common package, but separatepackaging (bag with zip fastener), as a bonus - a bag of Tommy Hilfiger logo. What I really liked was the quality of the packaging: all the positions were neatly folded, and not rolled up in a tight roller (like most of my previous, albeit few orders with Ali) - so the polo, and the rest of the things, didn’t really crumple

Porous, very soft and body-pleasing fabric. Not light in the usual sense of the word, but breathable

Very, very neat tailoring, protruding threads, bevelled seams, marriage not only on the front side, but also on the wrong side

On the chest there is a two-tone fabric insert, symbolizing the Tommy Hilfiger brand. There is also a small embroidered patch

Collar from a rather dense and high-qualityyou don’t have to “force” him to lie in the right position - the fabric holds its shape perfectly. Under the cuffs of the collar, inserts from already familiar colors

In the neck there is a cotton insert made of fabric, and all relying logo and tags. Also pleased with the availability of a spare button on the inner tag at the left side

I enclose the photo on my husband, so as not to be unfounded and confirm my words - the fit is simply amazing, nothing to hem, I didn’t have to insert recesses and fit the figure:

A really good and solid thing, without flaws, both in terms of sewing and cutting, and of the fabric itself: in the previous photos you can see its structure, uniform color of painting and uniformity of knitting.

here, in fact, the whole review;) was glad if it became useful) I attach the measurements below (the fabric stretches, measurements in a calm state):
POG - 53.5cm
POT - 48cm.
Total length - 70cm.