Blade set for Gillette Fusion ProGlide

Desperate to find a grid on his electric razor, several years ago he switched to disposable machines, not even suspecting that an evil crime against my toad was being prepared somewhere near me.
So, on a foam-shaving day, my spouse handed me a package with a Gillette Fusion ProGlide. I liked the package, but there was no delightcaused. After the usual disposable machines, I looked at this thing like a swordsman at a chopper - an incomprehensible angle of inclination of the head, a suspiciously large number of blades, where the fifth, according to an old joke from the Santa Barbara era, gently polishes the jaw. Having portrayed a universal feeling of longing on a stone unflappable face, I hid the packaging in the bowels of the bathroom until the time arrived X (not X) - the packaging of disposable machines was over, and the last of them depicted on my face a theatrical production of "hilling potatoes without damaging the tops."
How I struggled with a new machine, getting used toan unusual handle and angle of attack of a floating head - is another story, with the intrigue of "Twin Peaks", the action "Mission Impossible" and a bloody ending in the spirit of Stephen King. Only by the third shave did I manage to master the shaving technique of this device without leaving any cuts. The original blade lasted for me a month for two comfortable shaves, followed by a spare one from the kit. It was immediately noticeable that it was much worse in quality of the originally installed, but nevertheless, it was enough for me exactly as much as the first one.
Chapter one. Lyrical.
Having put the second blade on the machine, my toad began to be seized with a suspicious feeling of the approaching apocalypse and, anticipating the short life of the last blade, I went in search of ...
The toad yelled and screamed like a sinner in hell,jumping out of the skin with tuberous bubble bubbles and grabbing sickeningly sticky paws by the throat. Hair moved in all accessible parts of the body, fundamentally agreeing with the unhappy creature beating in agony.
The first hit was the official site. I fundamentally disagreed with the price tag and got a second hit while browsing domestic online stores.
Having caught my breath a bit, I went offline and went to the nearest store.
That was the last straw. A set of two blades for this razor was lying behind the glass, beckoning with its accessibility and speed of purchase, but the numbers, scary numbers went through the hellish flame of the price tag, leaving behind blackening traces: 963r.
Nervously hiccuping, I turned and walked out of this monastery of suffering, carrying my miserable toad in a deep coma.
Memory is helpful pushed to readposts on redlightgreen, where the purchase of blades was often considered a lottery - the quality varied in different directions. But then a stunned toad groaned weakly and turned around in my chest, and I decided to take a chance.
Chapter Two Practical
A quick search on Ali brought me to this product and, after a simple calculation, coupled with reading customer reviews, I made an order.
The parcel flew quickly enough:
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And here is the first frame:
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The seller’s logic does not lend itself to analytics - toto blades with a stylus. Hmm, judging by the reviews - not to me alone, but to anyone, he gives out styluses. Probably his uncle works at the stylus factory. He has nowhere to put these styluses - that’s what he sends to anyone. The stylus, by the way, works as it should, but I don’t see the point of viewing it, otherwise it will carry me to the lyrics again, and we already passed this part.
So, let's go further.
Cassettes for blades are almost identical to the original ones and we will not focus on them, except that I will show how they look and how a lone original blade looks compared to the others.
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We cling to the machine. We see the inscription Gillette, the toad purrs, we agree with her.
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And here I made a bunch of frames, but I couldn’t catch the focus, I have to be content with what is:
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And finally, the deadly number: before and after.
Since time was deep in 12 nights, with a drainI did not immediately understand that I started shaving without shaving gel - dry. The first sensation was a wild discontent, and only after a few shaved bands did I see my reflection in the mirror
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With gel things went definitely better and more pleasant, but I decided to demonstrate the severely crafted side of the face:
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I have to say right away - my skin is such that it shaves my hairfrom it is difficult, especially in the heat. Therefore, it can be considered smoothly shaved, because a day and a half later (i.e. now) he ran his palm across his cheeks and neck - smoothly, not pricked.
It was evening ... The toad purred the Viennese waltz pleasantly, the dogs howled and barked outside the window in the wasteland, and my wife tenderly pressed her cheek and did not show discontent with the usual thorns.
I can safely recommend these blades as a replacement for the original, especially at such a price.
The only negative can be called soapthe strip was noticeably thinner after the first shave, And the soap on it seemed to me harsh. But, I do not consider this a drawback - anyway I use gel for shaving.
Thanks for attention.
Livestock in the last photo on the left, as the cat was sleeping and he was not interested in my proposals for a photo shoot