Flawed knife with flaws

Overview clumsy knife with aliexpress. The knife has flaws. The review will be a little negative.
I will show, I will tell about the next awkward knife. I’ll write my personal impressions (someone may have others, maybe someone will like a knife.). I must say right away that he did not live up to my expectations. This happens. We want, we think we’ll get the best, we’re dreaming - and it’s not at all what came about. It’s clear that it’s cheap ... but nonetheless ...
Why such a review, I think different reviews are needed. The photo shows optical distortion due to the distance when shooting.
The intended use was planned - LDPE, "silent" hunting in the forest (you understand the mushrooms), in general, light tourist - camping use. Sometimes you need such a not expensive, simple knife.
Different sellers have a slightly different description and picture, it happens with inscriptions on the knife and scabbard, but I think this is the same knife.
I saw in the description of the lining on the handle of the G 10-and decided to take it. The size also figured out - everything seems to fit. I like a similar design knives (Fultang) and G 10 on the handle. But ... here I was very disappointed.
In the review I will compare a little with the knife from the review redlightgreen.org/blog/aliexpress/49040.html let's call it knife No. 1 for simplicity. Of course, taking into account their size.

A little about the design and size of the knife in the review.
So, the knife in this review is made simple and reliable, overhead installation does not raise issues. The dimensions are also quite suitable - neither large nor small.
Thickness - 3.8 mm.

The total length is 22.9 cm.

The length of the blade is -112.5 mm.

The dimensions of the handle are 100 mm.

But in spite of the larger handle than knife No. 1, this knife from this review feels worse in the hand — all because of the peculiar configuration of the handle — it kind of collects fingers together, squeezes them together ...

In one place limits emphasis, in anothera kind of expansion, thickening at the end of the handle. I admit that people with a smaller arm size will be comfortable (my arm is medium in size). And because of the shape, one convenient grip is determined. In other positions, it is inconvenient to hold the knife. The angle of inclination of the handle relative to the blade and the peculiar protrusions on the handle of the knife also affect this. They do not all fall between the fingers — some fall on the fingers. Also, there are no recesses for the thumb during lateral holding of the knife, lateral work with the knife, as on the handle of knife No.-1., At the end of the pads at the beginning of the blade.

I personally did not like it all. All the same, the knife is designed to work longer with it than shorty No.-1.
At the end of the handle there is a ledge-cullet and in it an opening for the parracord.
Further, the material of the linings - there is no G 10 there and even it does not smell. Used some kind of plastic. Plastic, of course, is unknown. You can even see that during the treatment it dripped or burned.

Of course, you can say what is visible in the photo that is not G 10 - but I met that the photo from the Chinese does not always reflect reality. The plastic feels a lot worse than the G 10.
Naturally, they did not establish the brand. He tested the hardening with a small file, and what was surprising was that the knife was not uniform all over; somewhere it barely clings (according to the law of meanness — where the cullet sticks out of the handle) —and it picks up and sharpens somewhere — the knife’s butt and blade. On knife No. 1, this was much better - there is no such unevenness in hardening.
Let's go further - the slopes, according to tradition, are slightly different from different angles.
And the mixing is 1 mm.! I will write again 1.0 mm. !!! I'm in shock! The manufacturer saw the chisels before doing it, then decided to release the knives.
If you animate the knives, then the conversation will be like this:
Knife No. 1:
"Master, don’t look that I’m so small, fat and wide. I try my best, look even cut. You grind me a little - I’ll come in handy for you."
Knife in Review:
"They looked, held me in their hands and that's enough, put it in its place! Cut it? What ?! Yes, I don’t want to cut it and I won’t! Leave me alone!"
Further scabbard is something.
The material is worse than on the sheath of knife No.-1. Sewn for an elephant, the knife in them hangs and walks and does not hold at all.

The entrance to the sheath and their size inside are much larger than the size of the blade.

Losing a knife from its sheath is as simple as tipping them a little.
A sling with Velcro also does not really help forholding the knife in the sheath - and the Velcro is bad and sewn where the widest part is at the handle. The scabbard had a plastic insert, black and paper-thin. It was cut and torn, visible when picking a knife with a sheath. I had to replace it with a thicker and more durable one.
The hinge for hanging the scabbard on the belt is not sewn at all, it is simply bent by half and hooked at the entrance of the sheath with an edge.

It seems that everything ... maybe he missed something else, but in my opinion the description is enough.
To summarize: personally, my opinion is that you do not need to buy this work. Although I admit that someone will like him. It is up to you to decide.
And according to the cat’s tradition.