Knife Dwaine Carrillo Tunnel Ratt Magnum

Chinese version of the sixth model from the collection of knivesMasters of Dwayne Carrillo. The original itself costs in the US from $ 750. Of course, you should not compare, just a good-quality Chinese. Probably due to copyright, it’s difficult to find a knife on the site. I stumbled on a knife by accident when I was looking at different striders ...
Total length: 215mm
Blade Length: 90 mm
Handle Length: 127 mm
Blade width: 36mm
Blade Thickness: 6 mm
Blade Material: 5Cr13Mov
Hardness: 57HRC
Lock Mechanism: Frame-lock
Weight: 280g
Material: Steel + fiberglass G10
In my case, it’s a very long time, here is the New Year and the damned mail of Russia and even worse, a certain transport company of Russia “Kit” . The store indicated China Post Registered Air Mail, but sent the train. by transport. After 57 days, he asked the seller to extend the protection period of the parcel, he extended and soon the parcel passed.
Track parcel

Regular packaging, no-frills packaging box and extra charge for it, Bubble Wrap.

Very peculiar and unusual for someone design of knives of self-taught Carrillo.
A convenient handle with two-finger locks, the clip does not interfere.

Large pegs are made of blackened corrugated high-strength steel.
Fonts, probably laser engraved, are not sure how this is done.

A huge steel clip, bending with one finger is very difficult. It is not rearranged, one position - to be worn with the blade up.
It hooks onto the pocket quite easily and the knife can be pulled out too quickly.
The clip will hold the knife in your pocket, even if you are hung by the legs.

A few more photos:

Video without review:

The knife turned out to be very interesting, when you pick it up you want to crush a brick, pick out boulders, pierce a zombie skull ...
But still, this EDC knife, although to someone the weight of 280 grams will seem excessive, does not arise in your pocket, whoever needs them to wear pants with straps.
As one of the first buyers of this answered mea knife from Italy that this knife is much more comfortable to wear than the original (his words: “I can tell you that the dimension are perfect to use it. I have had the original, but it's impossible to carry it around.”) a blogger, a passionate lover of large knives, swords, and more ... and I tend to trust him.
Surely the Chinese engineers had the original and they copied everything perfectly with their rulers, calculators and notebooks.
- build quality, fitting parts just fine, no complaints
- factory sharpening satisfactory, cuts paper
-Handle steel quality and G10 excellent
- the quality of the steel of the blade is similar to the declared