Overview of the updated version of the electronic clock with interesting buns, see what has changed.

I bought a digital watch from a site for a long time.jd.ru on a stock for 1 percent using a coupon of $ 10 from $ 10.1 This watch had a lot of minuses: when the batteries were running down the clock lagged, poor viewing angles. And so today we have a review of the updated version of this watch, let's see and consider what has changed, what has been fixed, what has been added.
The watch is a cube. Size: 7.9 × 7.9 × 7.9 cm. Weight 150g.
Shows time, temperature, calendar, alarm clock, 8 melodies and backlight of 7 colors. The seller has a lot of coloring books, colors and with pictures of all the animated characters.
The watch is made of white matte plastic in the form of a cube. Inside, in the middle there is a multi-color LED, the screen is transparent, inside is covered with a white matte film.
The insides of the first version are for comparison. An updated version of the insides will be lower.
Inside 1st version

The front has not changed, all the same watch the same display. (old left, updated right)

1) At the back we see a 4.5-6 volt power connector. This is already a huge plus that you don’t have to constantly buy batteries, but you still have to hook up, put in a micro usb connector so that you won’t be tormented by finding the right plug
Below we also see changes.
2) The most important thing is that they added separate 2 batteries of the type of tablets for the work of the watch itself, otherwise in the 1st version of the watch when the batteries were running down the watch began to lag
3) Instead of 3x AAA, now you need 4

4) added a backlight mode switch (ON, OFF and DEMO)

The insides resemble the good old Montana, the same black blot in the middle of the same quartz resonator and Conder, the same backlight. The only added temperature sensor.

The wiring is terrible (thin and flimsy) The soldering is also terrible, nothing is washed out and everything is on snot. But most importantly, everything works, probably because there is nothing critical in these snot

And so collective farming will be in the addition of a micro usb connector. We will get soldered to the wires from the standard connector, and the connector itself will be glued with epoxy plasticineThat's what happened
Conclusion: The watch has really improved. New long-awaited Improvements were added: separate batteries for watches, powered by a 4.5-6 volt power supply. The only thing that did not improve is the viewing angles of the watch screen.
Thanks for attention! Successful designs.
I ask you to write about the errors found in PM. Good luck to everyone, see you soon.