A review of cowpea seeds (beans), which will be interesting to all fans of the cottage.

Good day to all.
The story will be about the seeds of green beans, which you can easily find in frozen form on store shelves.
For lazy people to read the entire review, it is recommended to purchase.
We have already known a plant as a signal, and you can find a bunch of material on the expanses of tyrnet about agricultural farming technology, but at the request of comrades, I’ll tell you a little how I grow it. In the 20s of April, I plant seeds, in mid-Maytransplant seedlings in the greenhouse. I do not make a separate bed for her. It grows from the edge, quickly goes under the roof and there already develops the main green mass. Peppers are safely growing next to her in the garden. I read somewhere that one craftsman grows it in the Moscow Region without seedlings in the open ground, so far I have not succeeded.
We begin to harvest the first crop around June,and finish at the end of September. He does not like drying out of the soil, and seedlings are afraid of drafts. Of the pests so far only aphids have been seen, but it is severely affected and both years had to be sprayed with phytoderm (biological product). Fungal diseases were not observed. But it’s possible because before, nothing of the sort had grown.
I answer the question about soil and fertilizers: sod-podzolic heavy loam and only manure and humates.
When I just found out about Vigna, it was acceptedthe decision to master it. I did not have time to order seeds from China, and the seeds of the Gavrish Company were bought, from which the seeds were collected, and in the off-season I bought a Chinese wign.
photocount seeds

And so, we compare the seeds of the second generation of the “domestic hybrid” and the Chinese cow:
1. Seed germination and seedling quality. Everything is visible with no armed gaze. Cassette of 6 cells with 2 seeds in each:


2. Fruits began almost simultaneously. In the summer, I forgot to photograph them, and so the plants look at the end of October.


3. Harvest. Of course ours was many times more, there’s even nothing to compare. But there was a very big difference between the pods themselves:
Ours is pods of 30-40 cm, quickly overripe and form a lot of seeds in the pod, which are also suitable for food and turned out to be very tasty. They taste slightly mushrooms, everyone likes it.
Our left

Chinese - pods up to 70-80 cm, but bettercollect 60 cm, because when overripe, it becomes fibrous. Seeds do not form for a long time and they, despite the size of the pod, are very few. It has almost no specific flavor, like a regular purchased string bean.

Well, the animal

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