Oh, this damask with ali express

This is my first review, therefore, there may be some missing details, tagged errors, and even speech errors.
And so ... I was looking for a knife on an ali express.I was looking for a long time, at first everything was both folding and fixed, and since I already had several folding knives, I decided to buy a knife with a fixed blade. First I switched to Damascus from ordinary steels (they weren’t such a large assortment with respect to ebay). Searched, searched and stumbled upon such a knife here.I immediately climbed the musk in search of a review for this knife I searched for 3 days and 3 nights, but the search ended with a failure of the review and there were no YouTube in the open spaces either. A little bit upset that I had to take blindly followed by a smile that this review will be the first. And I began to search more there were about 6 sellers of this knife and not all sellers had orders for this knife. Some sellers sold only black and others only dark brown. It was decided to take black, looking for a seller with a decent rating, an order was made. It took 4 days to process order, on the same day he accepted it and gave the track number he was traveling to me a little more than a month (from the time of order).
It was packed in a pimpled bag ... opened the box and there is a foil in a papyrka and a knife in a foil. Cereal from it is certainly not pleasant, but on the fifth day it almost left.
He cut paper from a box, but shaved it with difficulty. Soon after two days I decided to grind it (in the photo it is already grinded)
TTX it differs from that on the seller’s page
Total length 22.7 cm
Blade length 11.7 cm (On the seller’s page 9.9cm)
Blade thickness 3 mm
Blade height 2.7 cm
Material Damascus steel ...
Rockwell hardness 58 (I don’t remember how many units the glass is scratched, but the bottle from the liquor could not be scratched)
The handle stated that the ebony (here I can not say anything, another seller indicated Kuroku)
I don’t have small weights, so from the seller’s page
knife weight 160 g
weight with scabbard 320 gr
the scabbard is made of cow leather. scabbard width 5 cm; length 24 cm.
In general, I am pleased with him (I was before the tests)even though it’s necessary to work on it a bit more, in particular, round the stops under the finger, make a notch on the upper stop, make a hole for the lanyard, polish and seed the handle steel. And since this is my first knife from Damascus steel and I did not hold other knives in my hands , but it seems to me that I will have to polish it and re-etch the picture because on other videos it is more pronounced. and even after the tests you have to weld and strengthen the handle. So far, the idea came to me to weld and strengthen on both sides with a steel plate. (I have any ideas I will be glad to see)
I WAS happy with the purchase, although it could be cheaper, it is not suitable for rough work.
That's what he bribed me the most with the shape of the blade ... I really liked the geometry of the blade, the falsity of the blade (who knows a knife with a very similar geometry, I’ll be glad to see the links)
And so it’s time for testing ... hanging it on the beltI went out with my friends to the street, went into the forest ... a rivet click, a wave, a throw and a bang stuck in a tree) the first thoughts were of course “class!” but a little later they probably left him for 30 minutes not to say that they threw strongly but the result was predictable . I can’t say anything good about steel no matter how 45 bucks. Once he bent, it means mild steel.
Of course there will be more minuses
- it is not known which damask
he is not whole
thin blade (thickness 4, 4.5mm would suit more)
on the upper stop there are not enough notches for a more confident fencing grip
and other flaws are visible in the pictures
of the benefits
eh ... I don’t know already ... appearance ... although also for an amateur.
penetrating properties must be good)
it's more like a toy for serious work, he is notit’s suitable ... admire it every day, open all sorts of packaging ... cut food and it will not be very convenient because of the lower stop ... I don’t see any more use after the tests ... I didn’t take such a knife with the knife.
In general, everything is visible in the photographs.

Knife itself

Comparison with other knives


walk and consequences

from the photographs it can be seen that due to such a fastening the blade will not fall out, but will only hang out, although if even more efforts are made, it will be chosen while breaking the handle die.