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A small overview on good teapot mugs. After I started ordering Chinese tea, I wanted to buy something to brew it. For puer, I took a kettle with a button, and for simple tea, it was decided to take a teapot.
I climbed Ali, found several options and settled on this one. Interesting shape, original design, strainerseparately placed in the lid, if desired, the lid can be put on a mug so that the tea does not cool longer. I ordered 6 pieces at once, everything came in two packages, as the seller unsubscribed, everything did not fit into one because of the packaging. Everything got to me in almost a month, track (one of) below.

The packaging is just super. Each mug in a little bubble, each element is laid with soft pads, the whole thing is in the box and on all sides is polystyrene, but at the same time, all the same, a little bit of the box from the mugs themselves crumpled. As it is written in one of the product reviews, you can play football with such a package and there will be nothing, partially agree.

General view of the mug and an unassembled view below
Type of mug

Inside the mug was an advertisement for other glass products, who are interested below

The total volume of the cup is 350 ml, which is enough for me and my wife. Below are two different brewed tea in these mugs, on the first brewing, on the second strainer on the lid.
Photo with tea

I am pleased with the mugs, there are three holes in the strainer on four sides, tea leaves fall into the mug only if there is absolutely dust, if the leaf is large and not broken, then everything remains where it should be.
There are no cons, it’s up to everyone to decide whether to buy or not. Have a nice tea party. If you have questions, then ask in the comments.
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