Art print on canvas with ali.

It is quite common on Ali, printing on canvas, silk and so on. I decided to order prints on canvas, and finish the rest myself with a stretcher, process the photo according to the style of the picture.
Possible sizes:

Printing on silk - sizes in inches, on canvas in centimeters. I chose 50x70 cm. Moreover, when I ordered, the sizes on the canvas were also indicated ich. One of the reasons why I decided to place an order. It is tempting, an attraction of unprecedented generosity - I thought, 50x70 in inches. But when paying, the seller lowered to the ground, said about the error. I didn’t cancel. I took off the photo and waited.
Photo preparation.
On canvases, usually what? Paintings. It's just not interesting to print a photo. For photo processing, I used Dynamic Auto-Painter. The program is designed to process photos in the style of the picture. Something like that:

There are enough presets, by the names of which it is easy to understand what style the processing will be - a pen, pencil, watercolor, in the style of Van Gogh, Monet, etc.

In general, everything is simple - select the desired photo,and run away with different presets, until the moment when the result suits us. The process is not fast, each preset draws for 5-6 minutes. It turns out a lot of suitable options, sometimes it is very difficult to choose.
Here is an example, the style of Monet and Van Gogh. I chose the second option. A kind of expressionism, plus the picture is very colorful, bright, and rich, and all this is seasoned with Van Gogh's signature notes)

We get the picture. Comes here in such a pipe. Pretty sturdy, breaking in transit is unlikely.

Well, expand the picture

The first thing that pays attention - the canvas is croppedwithout any extra extra edges, which is not entirely true, it will still be pulled onto a stretcher, the usable area is eaten. Here's how to pull, the extra 2-3 cm were just in the subject, which are not here:

The size is exactly 50x70 cm. Printing seems to be good, no pixels there, and so on. The colors are also quite saturated. The canvas is kind of like a canvas, I don’t understand what kind of varieties they have and so on. The seller has not written anything on this topic.

We are building a stretcher. everything is simple here - we take a board (I bought a pair of two-meter, just in case, knots there, bumps, etc.). Mark, leave a place for stretching, sawing at the desired angle

My first stretcher, so I have cornersturned out in some places not quite evenly adjacent to each other, but glue, staples, and self-tapping screws to strengthen the strength of the structure hold everything pretty firmly. I pulled it with my hands, it turned out pretty well, there are no waves, the tension is normal. All angles are even

As a result, the picture turned out to be 44x64 cm in size. This is a little frustrating. Of the pluses - the seller really, as described in the description, prints and sends in 2 days. Pretty quickly.
Offline personally in my city 50x70 print oncanvas costs at least 2 times more expensive. But immediately with a stretcher and a stretch. And the finished product will be exactly ordered by me sizes. So whether I will order more - I don’t know. Now the seller’s price tag has risen, and I would most likely turn to offline for the finished product. In any case, the experience was useful.
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