Pen Jinhao 195

Tyk here for those who are not in the subject.
I fumbled with my hand in a large box with handles and for the next review, this hooked. That is good for everyone, if not for the ruble exchange rate, And for details, click "Read more"
And of course, the continuation of the game with distribution +++
What can I say, the pen is elegant; the tips of the body and cap are rounded and have black plastic inserts and chromed metal.

The body is metallic black (I would evensaid blackened) is engraved over its entire surface in the form of scales (or a plant ornament, if you turn it over or the letters "m" or what’s enough for a flight of fantasy). So, the depth of the groove is small, but tactilely palpable, which adds personality.

The stamped clip at the base has a stylized shield, which depicts an ancient chariot - the brand logo.

At the base of the cap on the chrome ring there is an engraving - “Jinhao general”

If you draw an analogy with photo paper, then fluwould be attributed to semigloss, which is in appearance, that to the touch. How to put it this way: not two - not one and a half. It seems to glare, like gloss and at the same time, well, not smooth, at least kill!

The junction of the flu and feather is frameda metal ring with a protrusion for snapping on the cap, which also serves as a comfortable palm rest for writing. The pen is labeled “9,” which means Chinese, I don’t know. At the seller on the page only concise 0.7 mm appear on this occasion.

The pen is very pretty; made exactly -the slot and hole are on the axis of symmetry. There is an abstract drawing along the contour, and in the center the inscription - “Jinhao 18 kgp” - this means that the feather is gilded with 18 carat (750th test) gold. I have no reason to doubt it, since the volume of gold (the number of layers) with such gilding is not regulated.

The regular handle is equipped with a screw converter and difficulties in refilling with ink should not arise (Warning! If there are any).

Test writing conducted in bright blue ink"Rainbow-2" from OAO Gamma on SvetoCopy paper 80 g / m and was quite successful. As a result, we have a task for the competition: guess the author - get a plus in karma.

Let's sum up:
+ Metal = reliability.
+ Pretty. IMHO
+ Screw converter on board (do not forget to buy a bottle of ink)
+ Several gold molecules stuck to the pen!
± Gloss collects fingers
- Ruble's exchange rate
P.S. all good!