Ball pen with 0.3 kg ball bearings.

Hello. Overview of a folding knife. At first I thought that this monster was a direct candidate for the shelf. But the knife turned out to be working and convenient, better adapted to everyday work than its smaller and seemingly more well-cut brothers.
The knife came in a plain white box from which he immediately fell out, under its considerable weight.
Liners, they are dies - steel, anodized.

The blade is wide -41 mm, but short -85 mm withdescents from the butt, mixing 0.5 mm - 0.8 mm. Satin processing. The wedge is not only in transverse, but also in longitudinal projection. The thickness of the butt in the non-working part, at the base of 3.7 mm, is already 3.1 mm in the middle of the blade and three centimeters from the tip of 2.5 mm. As you can see, this is not a crowbar, but a sharp, shortened kitchen “chef”.

The fin, unlike most knives, is not located in line with the axis, but is shifted by 1.5 cm.

As a result, the blade is only 82 mm long. If the fin were located like everyone else and the choil had a smaller blade, it would be all 10 cm. I wonder why this is done? The only answer is that thanks to this design, this knife does not open by “clinging” to the fin like the others, but by pressing it like a button.

The clip is pretty tough. It has one mounting option. The handle is large and wide 136 mm x 39 mm, so it is gritty and comfortable.

The blade lies in the center.

The liner rises to the edge of the heel. The liner is thick, so you need to push it well and press hard with your finger.

The center of gravity is shifted almost to the middle of the handle, but this does not noticeably affect ergonomics.
But the knife can be taken at the bottom, the size of the handle allows you to use the knife as a machete or hatchet. But very strong blows must be avoided, as the liner can jam.

Thanks to the wide blade and gentle slopes, the knife has a good cut. The tree is easy to plan, the ratio of the length of the blade and the handle allows you to more accurately calculate the movement.

If you make a discount on the length of the blade, it is as convenient to cut products with this knife as a kitchen knife.
If there is no board, which is natural in the field, you can cut the food by weight.
The blade is heavy and the shoulder of the lever is large due to the shift of the fin, so the blade reaches the end only when it is down. From other positions you need to help with your hand.

Folded Length 136 mm
Width 52 mm
12 mm thick
Total length 225 mm
Blade length 85 mm
Cutting edge length 82 mm
Blade Width 41 mm
The thickness of the blade at the base of 3.7 mm
in the middle 3.1 mm
30 mm from the tip of 2.4 mm
Descent from the butt,
mixing 0.8-0.5 mm
Steel grade 9 cr13
Hardness: 58HRC
Knife Weight 289 g

Cuts the subject better than these copies. Due to the width of the blade, the wedge is flat and the knife does not jam

Given the weight, the knife is in no way suitable fordaily wear. And functionally, work with a knife is limited mainly by cutting everything, in exceptional cases when there is nothing better at hand - in the role of a small hatchet or machete - chop the reeds and sedge in the fishing area. Unlike your little brothers, you work with a knife as a complete tool. His place in the car, tourist backpack and in other places where there is no nearby home. It will replace both the kitchenette, and the hatchet, and the sickle and the hammer (this is me in the sense that using meat with a shifted center of gravity can conveniently beat meat).
Thanks for attention.