Poverbank YOOBAO 20 W with real 20,000 mAh?

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Dear friends, I wish you all good health.
Today I will tell you about YOOBAO 20000 mAh bank.
I have this second similar device, the firstIt was bought 7 years ago, now it has already lost about 50% of its capacity, so I decided to take a new one. I ordered it in black, the store also has a blue and white version.

This bank came from the official YOOBAO store on aliexpress.
Parcel arrived in 25 days, by mail. Packed in a pimple bag, it came safe and sound.

The manufacturer declares the following specifications.

The bank itself is in a colorful, cardboarda box. Also in the box is a manual in Chinese and a cable for charging usb-micro usb. On the inside of the box, it is clear that the parcel was not an easy way, the cardboard stops are dented. The main thing is that the bank itself is whole.

Upon receipt, the charge was at 78 percent.

As can be seen from the specifications, full capacitythe capacity of the bank is 20,000 mAh, the return capacity is 13,300 mAh. My measurements showed almost the same thing, 19216 mAh was spent on reception, 13883 mAh on return (I tried to discharge-charge three times, the readings differed by no more than 15 mAh), which can be attributed to the measurement error, although it’s nice that the return turned out in reality, more than stated.


The weight of the device was 423 grams, which is quite a lot.

The manufacturer stated that the batteryLi-ion is used, it can be assumed from this that there are 18650 form factor batteries inside. The casing of the bank is glued, so it was not possible to disassemble without damage.
The bank has three inputs for charging it, microusb, lightning and type-c, so there’s no problem what to charge from. Two usb ports work on the output, according to the manufacturer, 1 port gives 5 volts 1 amperes, the second port 5 volts 2.1 amperes, while two ports work simultaneously, the current is also limited to 2.1 amperes.

According to my measurements, it turned out

We can say that the indicators are not outstanding, but for charging the phone, tablet away from the outlet, the bank proved to be good, and the price is acceptable.
I can recommend Powerbank for purchase if youfast charging is not needed, but sufficient capacity is needed. Another plus is the ability to charge the bank simultaneously from two chargers through different ports, which slightly reduces the time, since the total charging current reaches 2.5 A.
20,000 mAh input capacity and 74WH energy (20 × 3.7 V)
Output capacity 13300 mAh and energy 66.5WH (13.3 × 5 V)
I have a phone with a battery capacity of 3380 mAh
By mathematical operations, it can be calculated that the mobile phone is 3.38 × 3.7 V = 12.5WH.
20 W output power of the power bank 66.5WH, if the charging efficiency of a mobile phone is 85%, then it turns out to charge 66.5 * 0.85 ÷ 12.5 = 4.5 times. In practice, I checked this calculation, I got close results, I got a little more, but my measured output capacity of the bank was 13800 mAh.
By cons I can include rounded edges on all sides - the bank cannot be put on its own without leaning to use as lighting.

I forgot to mention the indication of the residual charge of the bank. It is displayed as a percentage, not 4 LEDs, as it most often occurs.

I hope the review will be useful. I will try to answer the questions in the comments.
For spelling errors, please do not kick much.
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I wish you all a pleasant shopping.