Carrying walking backpack for cats or small dogs

New Year and Christmas - it's time for presents. But gifts should be taken care of in advance.
Late autumn, looking at a sad cat, which, due to bad weather this year, only a couple of times got out with us to the country, it was decided to please her a little.
Cottage for a cat is a whole world. There are many secluded places where you can hide, these are huge hunting grounds and continuous fun. Only washing after all this plunges into real horror, and it’s also a story to find and pull out a cat from shelter at the camp home. In the city, we live near a birch grove, we try to walk with children every day, and sometimes we take a cat with us. I like a cat on the street, but the harness is a stop near each blade of grass. The cat walks by itself and the walk turns into a mockery of either the cat or the children. Most of the walk has to be carried either in the bosom or in a backpack. Carrying a cat in a closed backpack is a pleasure below average, she will soon become bored and a clawed demon is trying to gnaw through the road from her backpack to freedom. Sometimes you have time to grab at the last moment. She still did not understand how she manages to unzip the inside (although the closed doors in the apartment are also not an insurmountable barrier). Even worse, when this happens under your jacket. Just like the birth of a stranger. Among other things, this method is also dangerous: there are a lot of dogs running around the grove, and ticks have been active for quite some time recently.

There is a usual carry, but firstlya rather large plastic box, which is inconvenient to wear for a long time, and secondly, associations with long trips in the car, and if sometimes pleasant to the cottage, are often strong, but often not, to the veterinarian. Pushing a cat into the carrier rarely does without scratches or bites, and then this long look through the bars of the cage ...
Therefore, when this option caught my eyebackpack he attracted attention. As often happens, he laid out his own first in the chosen one, and then in the basket, and on 11.11 he successfully joined a coupon.
The parcel went for a long time, before NG managed to appear at the sorting in the city, it took it on the first day of work of the post office after the holiday.
A backpack arrived in a large mail bag, just wrapped in a small amount of foam packaging, but everything came without damage.
The outer part is made of plastic, from suchthey often make travel suitcases, sort of hard, but when you click on a flat surface it bends a little. The back is fabric, like a normal backpack. Inside there was a dome made of transparent plastic, a net, a ring for their fastening, a substrate and a small gift - a soft fish.
The dimensions of the backpack are declared 42 * 32 * 29 cm, if we take into account all the protruding parts, then somewhere it will be so. When folded, almost the size of the plastic part (about 40 * 30 * 13cm) remains.

On the center hole of the outer plasticparts of the backpack with a special ring can be pulled either a simple mesh or a transparent dome. It was this dome that initially attracted attention. The cat in the photos for the product looked like a real conqueror of the unknown.

The dome has ventilation holes and evenlow temperature outside, it remains transparent (today walking at -10 did not fog up). The thickness of the plastic is 2-2.5 mm. Caught when exiting the elevator a couple of times - even scratches remained.
A strip of reflective material is glued across the backpack in a small depression.
Ventilation holes reinforced with eyeletsalso there is on the plastic itself, on the sides on the back part from above and there is still a large hole from below, taken away by the net. It’s cool outside, so it was decided to close the hole with the net (I sewed a piece of old jeans from the inside), although for the first time we walked without insulation and after a half-hour walk everything was ok. On the other side of the backpack in this place there is a pocket for some little things (for example, a water bottle with a maximum of 0.5 l will enter).

On the back there are soft inserts for comfort andbetter ventilation, the inside of the straps is trimmed in the same way. Outside, the straps are reinforced with a sling along the entire length. For carrying, there is also a convenient handle with a rubber insert on top. There was practically no smell from plastic, but there is little from rubber.

On the back of the backpack inside there is a carbine onrubberized sling, can be used for keys or to hang a toy for a pet. As you can see, the fabric is electrified and a little wool remains on it, but everything is easily removed.

We straighten the backpack, connect the outer and Velcroback, on the bottom we lay the substrate with artificial wool going in the pomplekt and everything is ready for the first walk. The backpack closes with a zipper, two dogs.

Weight corresponds to declared, i.e. about 1.2 kg. On the back sits normally, does not cause discomfort. The permissible weight of the pet is 8 kg. It seems true, the backpack is made quite high quality. All seams are sewn normally, although the threads stick out in some places.
IMHO the cat in the backpack is quite comfortable, forat least the look does not betray a desire to kill. The muzzle periodically appears in the dome, looking around, the nose flickers in one or another hole - the cat takes part in the walk, and does not clog into the corner of the carrying. And she doesn’t run away at home, recklessly, when you open the zipper, and she is gradually going to the bowl to consume stress. All the same, she looks a little scared from all this movement around.

I will not recommend this particular seller, at leastand there was a small gift inside. The fish on the cat did not make much impression, but the seller had problems with sending the goods. Perhaps due to the large load / parking on 11.11, he did not manage to ship the goods at the scheduled time and indicated the wrong track, which I was tracking, but got another person in another city. After talking with the seller, he wrote another track, sent a few days later (but before the start of my correspondence with him). It seems that reviews on him are not bad and a person may simply be mistaken.