Comb? No, training balisong. She is a butterfly.

A relative asked me to order a butterfly comb on him on aliexpress. I saw someone like this and wanted it. He showed me a photo of this comb.
I looked at the prices, ordered. After receiving the butterfly was studied and prepared.
Brief conclusions: NOT COMBUSING, This is a tutorial for teaching balisong tricks (flipping).
The teeth of the comb have sharp edges, the hair will cling and tear ... So that’s just training.
Interested welcome under cat.
A bit of history

The cost was this:

Until recent changes on Aliexpress, delivery was free in the Russian Federation.
Now the seller’s delivery has become paid.
The package came from Mongolia. TEA123456-123456 format. It was tracked only to Yekaterinburg.

The quality of metal processing is not high.

In addition, the mount is not like that of the seller in the photo, near the “blade” there are rivet-type fasteners, I came with screws. Cogs are better, you can disassemble or tighten.


On the comb, on one side, the butterfly emblem is etched.

The pens used rather thick metal (3 mm), and the object itself is weighty in the hand.

Now directly on the comb. This is just a mockery of the hair. Sharp edges will cling and tear the hair, and a tooth depth of 9 mm is generally about nothing. Only if you comb your mustache.
The photo shows that even the cuts in the metal are made unevenly, of different depths. Square teeth. We'll have to process them with a file to smooth out. This item was purchased just like a comb.

The rear screws also under the torx


In the process of frequent opening and closing, the screws are unscrewed, which can lead to loss of losses. We disassemble, unscrewing the screws with Torx screwdrivers (asterisks)
Front and back sizes are different. I dripped a little PVA glue into each screw, you can paint or some other solidifying composition. Collected.
Since it is necessary to make an effort to snap the handles, it was necessary to sharpen the stops, the barrels in the “blade”, so that the handles converge more easily. About the same and in the reviews for the goods they write from this seller.

On both sides of the "blade" is installed on the washer.

In the hand

How can you train ...

Bottom line: as a comb unsuitable. For flipping will do.
The metal is thick, weighty.
The size is average.
As a training aid, your fingers will not hurt.
Not prohibited
Can be used as kubotan as a weapon of self-defense
Poor surface finish.
Pseudo comb
Requires completion.