Water pressure switch, automatic pump control

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All my purchases abroad began with searches.I need goods in domestic online and just stores ... When such searches were unsuccessful, I thought about the question, where to get it? Everything turned out to be quite banal ...
This review is for those who know how and love to do something with their own hands, do not hesitate to experiment and for those who are just curious about what this garbage is.
The device is designed to control the pump, submersible or otherwise, to maintain the necessary pressure; in this case, water in the water supply.
Minimum and maximum pressure and its differenceit is set very simply - by rotating the screws on the front of the device, the photosensors move along the pressure gauge ring, which makes it possible to set exactly the minimum- (left screw) and maximum (right screw) pressure. In essence, this is a manometer with sensors, overlapped by an arrow, plus a control relay. Simple and simple :)))
Type of real installation

Today it works 3 months, received about 4 months ago. The thing is necessary, because the domestic market of Russia does not offer them absolutely nothing but JILEX RDM 5.
Here it is

The pumping station has been standing in my well for years5, assembled by itself, consists of a hydraulic accumulator tank, a five-pin fitting, a pressure switch, a pressure gauge and a Vodomet PROF 55/35 A submersible pump (with a lower float for protection against dry running). The submersible pump, like the station, does not clean out of the well for the winter. I took off only the pressure gauge, in winter the arrow bent to the maximum, I bought a new pressure gauge - it became smarter)))
Why bought I bought it? 5 years worked fine, with pressure adjustments on JILEX RDM 5, I got tired, but it worked and everyone was happy. This year the pump bent, I got in our stores for 7 pieces of rubles. The toad strangled, but the wife said, it is necessary, now the toad is strangled, the new pump is standing. When I set it, I understood why I got to the new pump. The pressure switch refused to turn it off.
Since my whole family except my daughter wasat the dacha (Len. oblast), gave his daughter an instruction to purchase a new pressure switch. It was delivered to the well in the evening, when inspected before installation, I already realized that the troubles did not end - the top screw slot opening the cover and access to the installation was torn off (plastic), and when I opened it, it got colder, I realized that I got 600 rubles more And, moreover, a 2-time contact group was turned out of the seat and could not work naturally. In theory, my guarantee and with our sellers "you broke it" was already in deep…
Had to lose another day, kill time arguing withthe seller- "these are your words against my words", etc. ... The store, by the way, is 220 volts, the relay was replaced, but the cover is not))) At the moment it’s installed, but it’s turned off, I’ll buy a plug and take it off, I’ll leave it in reserve.
Why am I doing this? Oh yes. You will squeeze money out of a Chinese faster, or change a product than ours. Well, yes, everyone came across ...
Therefore, this device was immediately ordered. There is better with flow sensors, digital displays, etc. Unfortunately, this does not suit me, because my mother-in-law (78 years old) lives in the country 5 months a year, the well almost dries up in the heat (an influx of half a ring a day), cleaning and a small depression did not lead to anything (the well was 30 years old). Well, she will not get into the well to press the necessary buttons! Everything should be simple, in fact: the water disappeared, it doesn’t work, it appeared, it worked.
There is a nuance. The plug is Chinese, American ... I forgot the adapter. Cut the plug, put it. At first everything is like clockwork. Experimented, adjusted - and bam, it doesn’t work. Well, I think everything is bullshit Chinese. And the kit comes with a cover that covers the indicator.
Closed View

The sun is shining, thoughts are sintered ... Damn! photosensors! The sun! Closed Everything worked :))
The seller has a choice: different pressure and different connecting threads. There is a choice. However, I bought from him for $ 25, then the guy had no rating, and delivery was Hong Kong. I don’t pamper track lovers, it was a long time ago, but the seller gave me the track rank, I didn’t get anything in my message, like? He answered, dearly by Hong Kong to your country ... Well, since I sent it quickly, I quickly received it, I did not demand satisfaction. So I recommend to search where it is cheaper)
My pump is 500W. Claimed performance up to 1.5 kW.
Instead of dismembering, I offer a video of work. The device will stand before the frost.
He shot it himself, simultaneously opening the taps and sticking the forks ...
we don’t hold cats, so here

All good and clean water!