SFP transceiver GLC-T / SFP-GE-T - 1000Base-T

There was a need to get in the SFP portThe switch is a regular 1000Base-T copper gigabit instead of optics (usually SFP is used by the optical module). The choice fell on JT-COM, as the cheapest GLC-T / SFP-GE-T available from Aliexpress and the Russian market, even used.
After ordering, the seller contacted me to specify in which equipment the module will be installed, indicated that it will be D-Link and / or Mikrotik.

2 weeks have passed since the purchase to the receipt of the parcel.
The order came in a package, where there was a box wrapped in a little wad.

Module and converter

Conducted port speed tests (tcp) using:
iperf 3.6 (cJSON 1.5.2)

Test bench (writing the rest of the configuration is pointless):
1 PC - Intel® I211 Gigabit Network Connection
2 PC - Intel® 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection
Direct copper port connection

Copper port connection via 1000Base-T SFP converter

It was not possible to check UDP traffic, due to technical problems from one of the participants in the testbed.
After measuring the speed, I installed it in Mikrotik to see how it is determined and what it can tell about itself.

After 2 hours of operation under load, the SFP module heated to 68 degrees Celsius.
The product was bought for its own and meets my expectations.
If other tests are necessary - write, I will try to implement.