Locking tongs

Many probably had occasions when neededunscrew the screw with a non-standard head, remove / put the part in a hard-to-reach place, etc. etc. In general, the review is devoted to just such a specific tool, the need for which arises not more often than once a year, but when it is needed, it is better if it is. To whom it is interesting - we look under "kat"

Somehow I needed to replace the mowertrimmer coil - the old one is “dead.” Well, of course, I have a screwdriver and hands. He unscrewed what was unscrewed, took off what was being removed ... And here's an ambush. In the depths of the Siberian On the shaft sits a circlip, the removal of which without a special tool takes quite a long time. With the help of 2 nails, a flat screwdriver, since the 20th I removed this ring (it is much easier to wear), but having stumbled on “ali” for this product, I decided to buy it, the price was not high, and The $ 2 Welcomeback_User_Coupon_Oct_R1_2_1 coupon came in handy.
For lovers of tracks:

After 3 days, the seller provided me with a tracking number, and after 16 days I received a parcel.
The pliers are packed in a blister, on the back of which there is an instruction manual.
A photo

Included are additional nozzles at 45 ° and 90 ° for various "situations".

Universal pliers - work both on unclenching (to remove the retaining ring from the shaft) and on compressing (if sitting inside the tube).

It is enough to press the central spring-loaded pin, pull out the “lock”, pull it out, and then put the nozzle on the other side of the pliers on the pins and lock it again. Voila!

Thus, the principle “there is no excess tool in the house” is observed and the next time the coil is replaced, when it falls apart again, 20 minutes of time and a lot of nerves will be saved.

Well, of course, not for the sake of one trimmer repair, I bought these pincers, there are rings in many tools that sooner or later have to be disassembled / lubricated / repaired.