Casket for jewelry / jewelry and the like

A small box for all small things.
It was bought a long time ago, at that time the price was7 bucks, right now there is no that store or seller, so a link to the first store you get. Probably the cheapest option in terms of capacity / price / quality ratio, at that moment, as I don’t know now.

Box size 12x12 cm.

Wooden box (MDF), sheathed with velvet fabric. There is a handle and a lock

Inside the box there is a mirror measuring 7x7 cm.

Inside there are three sections, which are located one above the other. There is a section for rings, and two sections for every little thing of different sizes.

Total: inexpensive, functional. Nothing extra, does not take up much space in the closet. Someone may be uncomfortable with having to get a couple of upper sections each time to get to the lower one - this is how someone often uses and changes jewelry.
On Ali, a bunch of color options for this model of box, you can choose for every taste / interior.