Folding chain lock for bicycle, scooter ... electric car :)

I was puzzled by buying a lock on a bicycle, looked at a bunch of options, settled on this - I share my impressions
Regarding the use of the lock for an electric car, in the title, it wasn’t me who invented it, so (among other things) its seller is positioning!
I consider buying options for locks with a cableabsolutely useless waste of money, so it lasts for only a few seconds (they put the cable into the bag so as not to attract attention, it snacks in wire cutters in a couple of seconds).

Massive castles with long arms are inconvenient inuse (they take up space, rattle / rattle during trips), in addition, they are also not a panacea (such locks are sometimes "stupidly" cut down, but this is noise and time). Most often, everything depends on the lock device and the complexity of the “secret”.
Perhaps the most secure devices of thisCategories are special chains, but because of their massiveness, they are usually used for long-term protection in porches and balconies, and not for short stops.
While searching for a suitable one, severaloptions for hybrid, folding locks with chain and hinges and locks for brake discs. Some of them fell away for various reasons: The material for using the chain is aluminum, the material for using the silumin lock itself, construction, etc.
As a result, this one remained, although of course still no one was building the illusions of an “ideal” defense
Information from the seller:

Ordered ... I waited, I had to wait two whole days (!), From the moment of sending

Content - two packages

Castle itself


Bicycle Mount (Transport)


Here is a design obtained in the assembly. Mount + lock installed on it.

The lock is a single chain in a plastic "shell". This coating protects the surface of the frame from damage (does not scratch the surface), less prone to rattle during trips.
The lock is opened, from the transport position, with a rather simple effort, the extreme link is released from the latch and unrolled in a circle.

The connection of the links with the help of riveted metal pins, outwardly looks very high quality and durable.

back side

The lock case and chain links are made of steel, magnetize very well, even through a thick layer of plastic

When opening, the lock case, together with the crossbar, is thrown back by a spring. You can lock without a key - just press on the spring-loaded housing / button

Dimensions and weight

For comparison, two locks

On bicycle
The mount had to be installed “upside down”, otherwise the reflector prevented the castle from being pulled out.

The chain length allows you to close the plug on the frame

Well, the "typical" use

A solidly crafted lock produces pleasantimpression of unusual appearance and workmanship. Some non-standard keys should further increase the difficulty of opening. Of course, it can be broken / cut down, but I guess it will make it a little harder than the same cable
Unfortunately, the castle is not completely silent, there is some “voice acting” during the trip during vibration — I don’t like extraneous sounds.
UPD Unfortunately, the seller from whom I bought the goods ended, here is a link to the same with a very high seller rating (above 99%)