Comparative review of phone lenses

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I decided to start my first review on Muska with a review of lenses for the phone. I will compare two sets: with a clothespin and on a magnet.
In short, I liked the magnet kit more, and for a detailed review, welcome to cat.
I’ve been shooting on Instagram for a long time, evenI bought Lumiya 1020 for this, to make it more qualitative) In order to diversify the photos, I decided to try these lenses, I did not have high hopes for them, so, play around. Since I did not like clothespins initially(they close the screen just in the place where all the settings are located, and it’s inconvenient to keep it) I decided to take it with magnets. And then my friends found out and also wanted to)) Someone thought of the option with magnets, someone clothespin, that's how I got two of these sets at home. It became interesting whether the same glass there or not?
The parcel arrived in an ordinary crumpled cardboard box, inside were bags with sets. There was no filler and a pimple film, but everything is intact)

Inside sachets

Now closer. Equipment:
1 x clothespin
1 x 0.67 wide angle lens
1 x Fisheye
1 x macro lens
1 x canvas glass storage bag
Lids protect lenses only at the front; they always remain open at the back.

The left lens consists of two lenses: the front negative, the rear positive. If you unscrew the front lens we get a macro, in assembled form it is wide.

Second set:
1 x 0.67 wide angle lens
1 x Fisheye
1 x macro lens
1 x TV x2
6 x self-adhesive ring
Front lenses are closed by caps, and behindmagnetize to a piece of iron with a loop, you can hang it somewhere, for example with keys) Lids hold very well, if you pull the loop and the lid in different directions, the magnet will win.

This set also has a folding shirk-macro

I stuck a metal ring on the phone, I thoughtwill stick badly and come off when you detach the lens, it’s a very tenacious magnet. And here it is, it has been holding firmly for 2 weeks with constant use.

The lens magnetizes with a fun click and reliablyhanging on the phone. There is one significant but, the lens must be very carefully centered on the lens of the phone. The position in which the image will be sharp is very small, move a millimeter and immediately the image becomes soapy.

The lens sticks out significantly, the phone is no longer so mobile. Laying on the table is not convenient. But I must admit, even if you put it, the glass of the lens will not be scratched.

And here is a clothespin

Front covers a large part of the screen

Well, let's move on to the test. Phone shot without lenses

Kit on magnets. Fish eye. Soap is noticeable to the naked eye ((Although sometimes it turns out and cuts

Televik. I didn’t try. the image is still soapy.

A bunch of 0.67 + macro, a kind of under-width

Macro. It is very strange, it has the effect of a shift font, that is, it is sharply only in the center, and blurry at the edges. The lens must be brought close to the subject.

Seamlessly proceed to the test kit on a clothespin.
Fish eye. Soaps are larger, the viewing angle is less.

A bunch of 0.67 + macro turned out to be unexpectedly sharp

Macro, no different from the first kit

With each lens, several frames were taken, the best one was chosen. I honestly tried to center and achieve the highest sharpness.
Output. Toy sets, acceptable speech quality is out of the question. But if you choose from these two, then a set of magnets is definitely better.
We must also admit that not all phones canstick a metal ring, for example, a friend ordered 1515 for lumiya, and there you can only crawl with a clothespin. On the other hand. for some phones the camera is close to the edge, we hooked a clothespin to the Sony S with
with great difficulty, and she did not hold steady.
The set is intended for mobile photo fanatics (to which I belong ^^)