Should I buy a stabilizer for the camera?

Hello everyone, many probably already saw this product of Chinese industry, but not everyone still fully understood how “good” this thing is.
With a small tremor and two action camerasI just could not get past this product. I saw several positive reviews and videos on YouTube, but of course there were doubts, because many simply work out their freebies.
I rummaged through Ali and found this stabilizer, of course there were two options, to buy a camera under the mirror or under the action camera, but the toad strangled as always and said: This stabilizer is cheaper! =)
I placed the order on April 9, the seller sent it by Hong Kong post on the 10th and on April 28 I already had the package.
The stabilizer was packed in a blister and a paper bag with air bubbles.
The blister is a little cracked, okay, but the rubber sleeve was missing on the metal sleeve.

The whole structure is made of plastic with the exception of screws, a screw that regulates a retractable plastic bar and a steel tube into which washers with a sleeve are inserted.

The stabilizer handle is short, uncomfortable to hold in your hand, it has a slider with a latch on it.
The handle can be snapped onto a plastic bar.

Inside the support under the camera there is a metal tube in which there is a hole with a stud and a plastic ring with two axes.
The metal tube rotates in a circle 360 ​​degrees.
A plastic ring put on this tube bends about 45 degrees.
The handle is dressed in a plastic ring, also tilts about 45 degrees and rotates 360 degrees in a circle.

Weight with metal washers and sleeve:

The kit also contained instructions in English and Chinese, a lot of letters, I did not translate it, anyone can translate it themselves.
In principle, the pictures and so everything is clear.

Shooting in the aquabox is not my method, I do not likemuddy images, namely, these are obtained on many videos posted on the Internet, so it was decided to come up with and assemble a design that would hold the camera without an aquabox.
Fortunately, in the kit for the action camera there were a bunch of different accessories from which I collected this composition =)

That's how it looks already on the stabilizer.

In order to adjust the position of the camera,you need to tilt the camera on the swivel bracket, put the washers and sleeve if necessary by weight for the horizontal position of the camera and the counterweight.
You can also tighten the screw and adjust the bar forward or backward.
General impression of this design:
Nikakayuschiy stabilizer, hanging in differenthand, the handle is too short and uncomfortable to hold. With my existing tremor, holding this design is useless. The video still shows jerking, swinging, and even the sound of plastic and metal knitting needles inside a steel tube. There was also a knock from a steel pipe into which the washers are inserted; it was managed to eliminate it with a thread threaded in between the threads.
On the second day of use, there were kinks in the hat that covers the top of the handle.
And he also found out one more thing, if the screw is completely unscrewed, then it clamps the metal tube inside which rotates 360 degrees, thereby preventing the camera from spinning in different directions.

The conclusion is perhaps obvious; buying this stabilizer does not make sense!
I tried to shoot a video with two cameras, one Iheld in his left hand, set the other in the stabilizer and held in his right hand, in the stabilizer the camera swayed in different directions and another knock was added from the whole structure.
Video shot on camera in his left hand without a stabilizer.

Video shot on camera in his right hand with a stabilizer.
(Camera without display, picture went up)

Another video on the stabilizer.

Knock in the stabilizer.

We went with a child for a walk and in the elevator taking out a weight we lost the rubber, I could not find it, it is white translucent in color, maybe it rolled into a crack.
I had later collective farm at home.
I filmed another video, already a little better, but still far from ideal.
Video from the walk

Another FI about this purchase, walking with such a thing is disgusting and looks funny from the side.
It’s better to buy a camera with a stabilizer on board or a digital stabilizer, but it’s still to be tested yourself.
Not happy with the purchase!
I do not recommend buying!