Sweater for animals

Finally (paid on November 11th) to mineSphinx arrived winter clothes. The thing was taken solely for the sake of the fan, since the cat doesn’t accept any clothes from me, but prefers to sleep in pillows and under the covers. But now the day walks in a sweater and does not mind - I probably liked it) Real pictures under the cut

In principle, everything is exactly the same as in the picture,material is fleece. The buttons are all working, size S - but my kitty is rather big, and it is a bit big for her. It was probably necessary to look for XS sellers ... Apparently with animals, the Chinese are the opposite, not like with human clothes)
Yes, by the way about the difference in price - in offline stores of such sweaters I haven’t seen cheaper than $ 15. So pussycled up almost for a penny)
Well, actually, here!