The same cent film on the iPhone 4G

A month ago somewhere there was a topic on salefilm data on This proposal seemed to me very profitable and I did not hesitate to order it. And today, a month later, in my mailbox I found a notification that I had received a package from China. Having looked at the “logbook” (yes, I am scrupulously keeping a parcel magazine from China), I decided that it was either cent headphones recommended by JohnGrey13 or a film for an iPhone (I didn’t find a topic, I don’t remember who posted it). Since I had plenty of time, I went to the nearest branch of “that which cannot be called”, and after standing in line for 50 minutes (which you can’t do for a cent film), I got it. For the first time I received such a small envelope, approximately 10x12cm. When I arrived home, I carefully opened the envelope and took out a piece of paper that said that the goods had been delivered from, the store’s order number, date, and my address taken from the “stick” were also indicated. Also in this paper document all my ... one film was carefully indicated. Next, the same film was packed from the envelope, packed in a film (a thin plastic bag of medium stiffness, unpleasant to the taste). A film is like a film, what should it be praised for, normal, not wrinkled, not used. I don’t have an iPhone, and even more so 4G, so I got a little upset, stuffed the film into the film and threw it into the far corner, so as not to upset. Immediately deciding to get rid of all the depressing parts of the ill-fated Chinese premise, I went to throw away the envelope. Finally, I decided to check its contents and suddenly saw there ... a rag.


And this find amazed me so much that minemood immediately rose. Rag, rag, RAG !!! Oh, how incredibly happy I am about this premise! After all, now I can wipe the screen of my phone with this rag. I can wipe the camera screen, glasses ... I'm the happiest today, thank you Chinese brothers.
You can be cool and rich
Big breasted blonde loving
You can even be a striped cat
Only you do not have rags.