The same XT11 Bluetooth headphones for $ 0.99 (now more expensive)

Hello to all. Micro review of "wireless" headphones from a promotional post from kzndenis. At that time, the seller had not so many orders, but now the figure has already exceeded 5000. Of course, they take them because of the low price, so to speak. Well, in general, I was no exception.

Characteristics: Color: black, silver, blue, gold
Range: 20-22000 Hz
Sensitivity: 113 ± 3 dB
Resistance: 16Ω
Bluetooth: CSR4.1
Profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
Communication radius: 10m
Autonomy: 2-3 hours
Charging time: 1 hour
Weight: 10g
Options: - Headphones
- Charging cable
- English manual
The package went without a normal track through Latvia, but still came to me. An envelope is an ordinary yellow packet in which other small things come from under heaven.

Well, we see that the headphones as such do not have packaging)). Packed in a simple zip package with transparent walls.

I expected that there would be spareear pads, but alas. The contents of the package are as economical as possible: the headset itself, a very short microUSB cable for charging and a piece of paper with some information in English.

By crookedly photographed photos from the pageIt was difficult to understand the product, what kind of headphones actually look like. And then taking them out of the package, I immediately remembered my old wired xiaomi piston fresh. The body of the "ears" is lapped one into one, including the external dimensions and the overall design. True, the quality of plastic here is far from up to par and there is no metal at all either. Even the wire is made in the form of noodles. It is soft and flexible. There are no questions to him.

The length of the headset, from one earphone to another is exactly 66 centimeters. When folded, 33 cm to the side.

The main color is black, but the body of the “ears” is painted inmy case is silver. Covered by the way is very easily soiled and does not collect all the dust and fingerprints. Matte plastic would be much more practical, but remembering the price we will forgive this drawback.
Management is via a remote with threebuttons that hangs on the right side. To tell in detail all the nuances probably does not make sense. You can answer a call or reset it, switch tracks, rewind forward, etc. Just below the buttons there are microphone holes.

The sound guides are not straight, but at a slight angle. They do not have a protective mesh, only stiffeners. In principle, everything is visible in the photo below. The design itself is successful (it is clear that it was copied from xiaomi). In the ears they hold comfortably, do not fall out. The size of the nozzles is average, they approached me without any problems.

Now about the sound. I’ll say right away he's mono. It would be surprising to expect stereo for this price. The volume is average, I would like a little more. The sound quality is three plus. As they say, they work and thanks for that)). In principle, without problems, you can use it to listen to audio books or when watching movies, online video.
Regarding autonomy. Somewhere I found information that the battery inside is set to 65-70mAh. They charge in about one hour, no matter what cable and charge. When listening to music, a full charge lasts for 2.5 hours, and when talking - for 3 hours. All this at an average volume level.
They are fastened together by means of magnets from the rear. It looks something like this:

In general, both in quality and in sound they correspond to their price, neither more nor less)).
All good!