Universal bag for SLR cameras

Hello, Muscovites. In today's review, I want to talk about useful, I would even say an indispensable thing for any photographer - a bag for the camera. We decided to order an inexpensive bag from China, so as not to splurge on expensive branded ones, so to speak. What came of it, read under the cut.
The parcel arrived in a standard mail package, sorry I didn’t have time to take a picture of it, but, I think, few people will be upset;)
Front photo:Bag material - nylon. It looks pretty good from the outside, with a Nikon logo on the lid on the right in the corner (you know;)). If you look closely, the left side is slightly skewed (slightly higher), but it’s not scary. A pocket with a lock is located in front, in which lies a waterproof protective bag. Let's open the pocket:

Side view:
As you can see in the photo, on the side there is a meshpocket for little things. If you turn its edge to the side, then you can carefully consider how the belt mount is stitched. In my opinion, it is sewn on high quality. On the reverse side, everything is identical.
Close-up firmware location:

Now a photo of the back and bottom:
As you can see, there are two straps forbelt mounts, if I understand correctly. They are sewn well, but still I would not risk hanging a bag with a camera with their help on my belt. Two rubber pads for rigidity are sewn from below, when the camera will stand on a solid surface. They are ribbed, which is a definite plus.
Now we get the protective bag:
It is yellow in color, with a black elastic band around the edges. It is put on easily, the bag fits into it completely. I just didn’t do a waterproof test with the equipped camera)
Photo in the bag:

Having unzipped the lock, we will now open the bag itself:
On the back of the lid we see a pocket ona lock which serves for storage of accessories. Inside the bag is sealed with some not very dense material, apparently foam rubber. Therefore, it is better not to expose the bag equipped with the camera to unnecessary physical influences.
Another photo inside:

Put the USB cable in the pocket.

Also included is a foam rubber partition onVelcro, which can be put inside, thereby dividing the space into two areas. Most likely this is necessary if you are going to use a bag to store 2 soap dishes or lenses, as with a DSLR inside, this partition cannot be shoved there.

Photo with a partition inserted:
Now, let's take a closer look at the shoulder strap for carrying the bag:
As you can see, it has a shoulder pad, 2 carbines for attaching to the bag and one length adjuster.
Close-up photo of parts:
The trim on the patch is sewn loosely, from below, iftake a closer look, she parted. With long use, it is likely to completely disintegrate, so this part of the belt is definitely not durable. The pad can be moved along the belt. Close-up shotguns:Everything is simple here: metal carbines, durable and easy to use.
Fasten the carabiners:
Close-up mounting location:
More photos on top and front:
Photo with attached Nikon camera + charger:
The camera fits easily with the lens and charging.
Now let's see how the bag looks on a person. Belt length selected maximum. My height for reference: 186 cm.
The length of the strap is normal for me personally, although, of course, it would not hurt to make it a little longer.
Those who have read to the end, a bonus

Even more kote under the spoiler

Conclusion At the end of my review I want to saythat the bag, in my opinion, is worth the money. It is inexpensive, with a couple of extra pockets and a Velcro partition. There is a durable belt with carabiners, an additional bag. There are, of course, a couple of minor flaws, and the budget is visible to the naked eye. But, as the first bag for a novice photographer - definitely worth taking.
UPD: Bag dimensions: 20x13x13 outside (13 in height excluding handles), inside approximately take away by cm.