UGREEN Universal Bidirectional Bluetooth Transmitter / Receiver with Battery and APT-X

A small overview of an interesting and modern gadget from UGREEN.
This is a 2-in-1 device: receiver and transmitter at the same time. Built-in battery for 10-12 hours of operation.
As a transmitter, connection to 2 devices is available immediately.
Universal bidirectional UGREEN transmitter / receiver with battery and APT-X.

There is an Rx / Tx switch on the device.
RX mode - receiver.
TX mode - transmitter.
In transmitter mode, connects to anythe sound source through the supplied 3.5mm cord, works on 2 devices via Bluetooth. It can be powered by USB, you can work with the battery. Automatically mates with headphones and speakers.
In receiver mode, it works with any device. Just insert headphones or a 3.5mm cable into it (for example, in the active speaker). Very comfortably. The built-in battery (200mAh) allows you to work up to 10 hours in receiver mode and up to 12 hours in transmitter mode.
This very “trick” of the device is the mode switch.

Gadget Features

The package is decent, you can safely give it to a person who is keen on gadgets. There will be no excess - the device is useful, really universal.

On the back there is a lot of information, plus features.

The kit includes all the necessary cables, including an adapter from 3.5 mm to tulips.

Additional information - instructions

This is a small adapter for organizing a bridge over Bluetooth between audio devices.

Really small “pancake” in size with a “soft touch” surface.

Dimensions diameter 54 mm with a thickness of up to 13 mm.

Switch on the rear panel (opposite the connectors), modes signed by RX / TX

Connecting cables on the one hand is somewhat compact. You can use external power.
The bi-directional audio cable. Rather, an audio port. In TX mode, this is an audio signal input, in RX mode, an output to headphones or a speaker.

The built-in battery allows you to work without external power, for example, on headphones.

Naturally, working with both wired headphones (in RX mode) and wireless headphones in TX mode is available.

The smartphone connects without problems. If there is support for APT-X, a connection with the appropriate protocol is displayed.
Transmission in bridge mode to wired headphones works, it is very convenient to use your favorite wired headphones via Bluetooth.

Actually, I was looking for similar devices for organizing broadcasting from a TV to wireless headphones.
We connect to the TV output, turn on the device in TX mode. Can be powered from the USB port of the TV.

Put headphones into pairing mode, waitautomatic connection (on UGREEN you will need to hold the button for 2s). If you want to connect two wireless headphones at once, you should do this one at a time, first turn off the first after pairing and put the second into pairing mode. Well, then enjoy)))))
Universal Bidirectional Receiver / TransmitterUGREEN is a representative of modern Bluetooth devices implemented on the CSR8670 chip. This is one of the most expensive and high-quality transmitters / receivers. It makes sense to take on shares (it was at 11.11 for $ 14 .... $ 17), now in the Russian Federation it is not in stock (only in China), and the price is $ 24.
A little expensive, but what I was looking for. Will replace my old BT receivers ...