Velofara LUMINTOP C01. Now it’s definitely not blind.

Good afternoon, dear readers! Today I’ll tell you about a bicycle headlamp with a neutral non-dazzling light (Cree XP-G3) and a built-in battery. We will consider the pros and cons under the cut.
This product has already been reviewed by a respected masterfatjoe lantern reviews, there you can see beautiful beamshots and charts, but there isn’t the main thing, cycling with this lantern. Fatjoe himself writes: “I repeat, I’m a layman in the bicycle light, but on a musk in bulk, those who tirelessly pedal kilometers. Write how interesting such a thing is in terms of light, price and their ratio. ”

So I am writing. For a month I went with this flashlight (as an addition to powerful bike lights).
First, refresh the memory of the flashlight (or who did not read the last review, get acquainted with it).
Page headlights on the official website of the company.
All specifications:

The company logo resembles a playboy, but we will not be distracted by such trifles.
The box is designed simply:

Behind the specifications and link to the manufacturer's website:

Inside soft insert:


The headlight comes with a swivel bracket for mounting on the steering wheel (19-33 mm) and a micro usb cable for charging.
There is a guarantee, according to which they promise as much as two years of free repair, but they must be sent to the manufacturer.
Instruction in Russian:

Appearance of headlights:

Dimensions (77.5 * 45 * 31.5 mm) and mass seem at first frivolous. The body and bracket are plastic.
Bracket for steering wheel mounting:

There are rubber inserts, so you can tightly pull it to the steering wheel with ratchet latches. 360 degree swivel mount.
The LED (Cree XP-G3 neutral white) is installed in an unusual place - on the ceiling of the reflector:

This gives the desired light distribution (cut off from above), as in the dipped beam of a car.
Rear micro usb port for charging the built-in battery (1400 mAh):

The port is protected by a rubber plug. Charging current up to 1A.
Headlight mounted on the steering wheel:

It keeps well, it’s not afraid of shaking, but a decent height from the steering wheel is a source of potential problems when a bicycle falls.
Headlight weight:

Illuminated control button:

The button switches the modes:

  • Minimum (75 lm)
  • Medium (225 lm)
  • Maximum (400 lm)

There is a memory of the last mode, a long press - shutdown.
Hold for 4 seconds and appear:

  • Strobe
  • SOS
  • Lighthouse

The fact that the headlight turns on at a minimum is good for a tactical flashlight, so as not to shine in an ambush, but bad for a bicycle headlight. But a big plus is that the gates are hidden.
Dismantling the headlights is simple - unscrew the two screws:

Water resistance is weak, it will save only from drizzle.
Well, the radiator of the diode, which is located inside the closed case, and even heats the battery - this is the same file designers.
3.7V battery:

Let's move on to the practical use of headlights for riding on a mtb bike in the dark.
I usually ride my bike latein the evening and at night (when there is free time), and therefore for a long time in the subject of bicycle light. I ride in the floodplain of the river and in the wilderness of parks and I like the light to be bright. I tried many different headlights, I have my own preferences.
Beamshot with 10 m:

The light is surprisingly pleasant, not cold, which is rare in a bicycle light. There is more light than the Meilan X1, with a similar form factor, but less than the S2 convoy.
PWM flicker is not present in any mode.
The bracket was ushatany field of the first easy "cleaning":

fatjoe, by the way, also broke it. Coincidence? “I don't think so.” I think that the plastic bracket is rather weak.
I fixed it by screwing in a longer screw, but the headlight was not turning. But these are trifles, in addition, we have two years of free repair)))
Cycling Tests:
Beam cut from above:

The headlight does not blind oncoming ones - whether it be a pedestrian or a driver. This is a proven fact.
Light spot:

immediately after the wheel failure, then there is a wide spot. Headlamp efficiency in the distance of 15 meters.
Autonomy at maximum 1.5 hours. You can recharge on the go from the PB.
At good speed, you can ride in the city:

the pits are all visible, the eye has enough of such light, quickly adapts.
But I drove only in maximum mode. The minimum is only suitable as DRL during the day. The average is also small.

There is clearly not enough lantern in the forest, when I quickly went along the forest paths with him, I thought about to hurt myself. Headlight exclusively for skiing in a city where there is at least some additional light.
For comparison, if you turn on the long-range "people's" headlight there:

it will be a supernova explosion.
In the town:
I traveled in the city with her for a month, I did not feel much discomfort. At the entrance to the forest included a more powerful headlamp.

Neutral light with proper distribution.
Lightweight sizes and weight.
1.5 hours of glow at 400 lm guaranteed.
Unbreakable bracket.
The ill-conceived diode cooling design.
Overpriced (case is plastic).
Thank you for watching. Enjoy the shopping!