Remote button for bike lights

Gaciron Velocity Remote Button Overview
The button was bought on Ali 11.11, which the Chinese sent as a result, and whether it is necessary at all - read the review.
The reason for buying the remote button is simple - I bought a steering wheel extender for the headlamp and bike computer. Otherwise it is called extender bar A photo

It is intended for a roadway with a ram wheel with a mounting diameter of 31.8 mm, for 25.4 mm of rudders, there are spacers in the kit.
On the steering wheel, there is not much space for installing devices, the cables from under the winding stick out, the problem is solved with the help of such a contraption rather well.
As the lantern moves forward on the expander, it becomes a little inconvenient to control it. The control button is desirable to put closer to the hands.
The choice fell on the observed button.
The button was to work with Meilan X1
At this headlight, the contacts of the internal control button are duplicated on the microUSB connector. There could be problems with the picking, but this is solved.
Photo buttons with a tape measure for clarity:

The length of the wire is about 30 cm.

The diameter of the Velcro for attaching the button exceeds all conceivable limits, it is about 40 mm:

Inside the case there is a simple clock button for closing, the case is glued, there will be no pictures inside.
The wire is of poor enough quality, it will definitely get cold in the cold, it’s normal in the heat.
I did not check the moisture resistance, but I think it will withstand dew, rain is unlikely.
When the button was connected to the headlight, a miracle did not happen. Pinout was different
By the method of scientific poking, it was found out: in the button, the contacts are displayed on pins 4 and 5 - Gnd and ID
In the headlight, the control button was on 3 and 5 pins - Gnd and D +.
The solution was found quite quickly - just hang a drop of solder on pins 3 and 4 in the microUSB socket in the headlight:

After soldering, the button worked perfectly, the headlight was assembled.
Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to test it on the road. It will snow in the Urals until April, and you can only ride MTB.
Here is the view on the steering wheel MTB 25.4mm:

However, I will not operate the button in the winter on MTB, and without it it is normal.
Use the button makes sense if the nativethe button in the headlight is difficult to use. For example, the headlight is installed on the expander, or the button is connected to the rear gauge, or in general the headlight on the plug or somewhere else, or the button is simply inconvenient, or the headlight is homemade.
+ A decent look, the assortment of buttons for motorcycles is somehow not suitable for a bike.
+ The kit has a rubber lining, so that the button does not slip on the steering wheel.
+ It’s convenient to press in peppers, the button is not small, pressing with a click on the touch feels good.
-Quality wire
- Excessive length of Velcro for fastening, can be cut and stitched again, but I would prefer elastic for this purpose.
-No backlight. Could either put an LED, or add “phosphorus” to the rubber. There is phosphorus in the button, it glows in the dark, but not for long