Replacing the display in a Peugeot 407

Replacing a dead display with a Peugeot 407 2007.
Summary - everything works !!! Saved at least a couple of hundred euros compared to repairing the service.
According to the seller’s description, the same display is on many Citroen and Peugeot models.
I am the owner of the Peugeot 407 2007.
A few years ago, the display began to fail - the image began to disappear. If it is cold outside, then for some time the display works fine, but 10 minutes after turning on the engine, when the machine is warming up, the display starts to show worse and worse.
The service asked for repairs more than 200 euros, decided that it was not worth it.
A search on the Internet showed that it is knownthe problem is on this model, and over time, almost everyone starts to display. Someone helped install the stabilizer, someone soldered the board, but these are isolated cases and a common solution, except for replacing the display, does not exist
I tried to look for a display in online stores - it could be found somewhere for $ 150.
But some time ago in Chinese storesbegan to massively sell displays at a price of 25 euros. Originals or fake - I don’t know. All the functionality works for me. Although I met messages on the forums that someone, for example, did not reflect the climate control settings
The first thing to do before buying is to check which connector on your display should have 12 pins. Checked - 12, ordered.
Ordered from the seller by reference, delivery took a little more than 3 weeks.
The display module came wrapped in several layers of bumps. I did not find any scratches on my copy.
This is what the old display looks like before it warms up

He warmed up. It's impossible to make out something

Replacing the display is very easy.
1. Hexagon unscrew the two screws on the front panel of the radio

2. pull out the radio and unscrew the next two screws that secure the display module fasteners with a Torx 15 slot

3. pull out the display module

4. We take out the connector. At the end we press the latch and move the black plate towards the latch
Original display. Please note that there are 12 pins on the connector. This must be checked before ordering a new display.

New display

5, Just in case, we check the operation of the new display. WORKING!!!

6, On the new display, the contacts are on the other hand, so you need to pull the plug in the car into the right window

7, Put the display into the mount, twist and assemble everything in the reverse order

In addition to this glow option, there is also a reverse

But it seemed to me worse to read.
That's all. Satisfied like a steam locomotive!
Who has problems with the display on some Peugeot models, so you can solve the problem very inexpensively.
Under the spoiler display photos for comparison