Replacement of halogen lamps with LEDs in cars

I decided to start replacing halogen lamps with powerful LED ones.
Xenon has already exhausted itself, it has an unpleasantcold light, useless in fog, high cost and low durability. Halogen against the background of other lamps already does not look serious. Sodium lamps give a yellow monochrome light that distorts color perception.
So the future is with LEDs!
They have huge pluses - a very powerful light, very high durability and strength, and low demands on the power source.
It all started after I forgot to turn it offdipped beam. After that, he took up the issue of replacing with powerful LEDs. At first I searched in the nearest car shops. I was stunned by the prices that they offered. But I did not find what I needed. And I turned to online shopping. Revised a lot. But settled on the Ali Express. Since the choice is huge.
Many hours of searching and correspondence with many sellers led to success. Found what I need.
Having paid the order and began to wait. After 20-25 days received the lamp.
I’ll back off a bit. Lamps were bought back in early summer. After the passage of time. I decided to write a review.
After received the lamp. I went to put them. Replacing halogen lights with LEDs was not difficult. Since all the mounts are standard, I removed the halogen and put the LED in its place. Replacement took 15-20 minutes. With a sinking heart turned them on. And lo and behold, everything works. Checked switching near, far. Everything worked. The first thing I noticed, the voltmeter needle on the dashboard deviated slightly. Compared to halogens. When the halogens stood, the arrow bowed very much.
It's time to try them out. Ride an hour with LED lamps. They work. Checked the heating of the lamps. They warm themselves, the hand barely tolerates. On the headlights are caps, had to be removed. Again began to test. Ride another hour. Again I checked the heating, they began to bask less. In order not to risk the drivers that are at the bottom of the lamp, I removed them from there. Lengthened the wires from the lamp. Fortunately, the driver itself is filled with black sealant. Then he again protested. I checked the heating, it became even less. Now it goes.
Shine well, though unevenly, thanksthe design of the lamp itself. The fact is that the top of the headlight reflector is not lit as intensely as its sidewalls, because diodes are located on the same axis back to each other. As a result, rays of light emitted by the headlight are visible on the road, and the pattern of headlights, for example, on the wall, has a cut-off border, but is not homogeneous as in halogen or xenon lamps. But the light is very bright, does not dazzle like xenon.
Some technical information.
Four Cree -XM-L2 are in the LED lamp
Power 20W
Luminous flux: 2400LM
Switching - near - the top two LEDs are on.
Switching - far - two lower burn.
Cree XM-L2 - almost 1200 lm. For example, a 100V incandescent bulb produces 1300 lm, but due to heating, stray light and the amount of electricity consumed during this work, it does not compare with LEDs.
Here's the info about the LEDs that stand there
A few pictures.

Replacement Instructions.

First inclusion. Not adjusted.

Photo by the wall. At the top there are small highlights. They are barely visible. Not cretical.

That would not risk drivers. They are downstairs. I removed them from the llama. Here is a photo of the alteration

Colour temperature.

Dipped beam.

High beam.
Adjusted headlights.

Dipped beam.

High beam.
After installation, I am satisfied.
Comparison of xenon with LED lamps.

Let's start with xenon.
Not all xenon is allowed. According to the law of the Russian Federation, not all xenon is allowed, but only that which is regularly installed at the manufacturer's plants. That is, if you put "artisanal" Chinese xenon, then you can be fined for it.
Low efficiency. Strong heating. Sophisticated equipment. It requires more energy, a large load - a little more fuel consumption, because the load on the engine.
Consumption of course does not increase significantly, but you still give 0.3 liters per 100 km.
Now about the LEDs.
The first and biggest plus of LEDs is their power consumption. It is at times less than that of halogen and xenon.
Fuel economy. The less energy is taken, the less fuel is consumed. The load on the generator from lighting devices drops at times, and accordingly, the load on the engine also drops - you save on fuel. Again, expect that you will save liters is not worth it, but still 0.2 - 0.3 liters per 100 kilometers can easily be achieved.
No sophisticated installation equipment compared to xenon. They simply unscrewed the old halogen lamp and inserted an LED in its place.
Heat generation is less than in xenon. And accordingly, it can be used in a conventional headlamp and even in fog lights.
The life of LED headlights, also longer than that of xenon, is several times higher. It reaches 10,000 hours, and this is a lot.
LEDs can be installed and no one will forbid you to use it, even by law.
Shapes and sizes. Now you can install LED lighting on almost all cars, that is, the format and size of the lamps do not differ from halogen ones.
Minus the price.
Conclusions do you. Is it worth replacing or not
P.S. Add about DPS. I have already managed to slow down several times during the next raids on xenon. And every time the same thing:
DPS: Hello, why do you drive with forbidden xenon?
Me: And this is not xenon. Is it blind?
DPS: Not blind, but too bright for halogen.
Me: And this is not halogen.
DPS: ...
DPS: Um. What is it then?
Me: Diodes.
DPS: So bright? Diodes? Turn off the headlights.
Me: Please.
DPS: (Looking into the headlights) Yelling to his partner: “Semenych / Mikhalych / Petrovich, come here soon. Look how the diodes eboshat here!
Me: Um, I would have to go.
DPS: Sorry, please wait, it’s very marvelous. Tell me where to buy these? Do you have H4? Are there such H7s? Where are these to be ordered? How long to wait? Is it possible without expectation, but more expensive to buy in MSC? And a flurry of questions.
2PS: Nifiga! Diodes! And turn it on! Nih ... ra se! Begins to ask the same questions, but 1DPS upsets him.
DPS -> 2PS: Spakuha! I have already broken through and found out. Let's go buy tomorrow!
Me: Diodes are not prohibited, right? I can ride with them - it's not xenon?
DPS: Yes, of course! Under the ban so far only xenon. Moreover, your lamps do not even blind.